Syrian Mail Order Brides: Where to Find Syrian Girls for Marriage?

Syrian Mail Order Brides

Syria is one of the best but also trickiest countries to find a woman to marry nowadays. On the one hand, Syrian women are astonishingly beautiful, have great traditional values, are very hardworking, face difficulties calmly, and are incredibly devout to their husbands.

On the other hand, visiting Syria isn’t the easiest thing to do right now on account of the never-ending war there. So, if you’re thinking of looking for true love there, here is our guide on meeting, courting, and marrying a Syrian girl.

What kind of women are Syrian mail order brides?

What kind of women are Syrian mail order brides?

Syrian mail order brides are usually women who are looking for a foreign husband as a way to escape the ongoing horror of the Syrian civil war. This probably isn’t the most romantic reason to look for a partner, but it’s also quite understandable.

However, it’s important to note that Syrian girls looking for a husband elsewhere in the world, doesn’t mean they aren’t seeking genuine love, a happy family, and a stable household.

This is something that’s true for most mail order brides from across the world, and not just from Syria – the fact that these are women who want to move abroad and start families with foreigners from wealthier nations, doesn’t mean they don’t want these families to also be happy and full of endless love. Both can be true at the same time.

Likewise, Syrian mail order brides are typically very family oriented, romantic, brought up with respect for traditional customs and Syrian culture, and quite young and beautiful too.

Top sites to meet Syrian girls:

There are many ways and various services to meet, date, and marry Syrian ladies nowadays, despite what you might expect. The ongoing civil war in the country obviously makes traditional dating methods harder for Western men, and marriage agencies aren’t really recommended due to their lower success rates and risks of abuse and scams.

Online dating comes to the rescue, however, as there are lots of dating sites with entire mail order brides catalogs full of awesome Syrian women looking for marriage with a Western man.

Not all such websites are created equal, however, as many are full of scammers and unverified profiles. So, if you truly want to find your perfect wife in Syria, we’d recommend checking out the following websites:

1. SakuraDate

One of the best dating sites to meet with and court women from both Eastern and Western Asia is SakuraDate. The platform has great security features, an unmatched matchmaking system, lots of free features, and a very responsive 24/7 customer service team.

2. EasternHoneys

EasternHoneys is another very popular website for Western men to meet Syrian mail order brides. The site has a huge database of young women from Syria, a good credit system with tempting discounts for new members, and a smooth and user-friendly UI that makes it a joy to use.

3. OrchidRomance

OrchidRomance is an incredibly popular place to meet a potential partner from Syria. This website has lots of verified profiles and offers 20 free credits to all new users. The user interface is incredibly slick and easy to navigate and there are lots of great security features.

4. AsianMelodies

An ideal place to look for stable, long-lasting, and meaningful relationships with Syrian ladies, AsianMelodies has a huge database of gorgeous ladies looking for a Western man, it has great customer service, and its account verification system is second to none.

5. LoverWhirl

Another excellent place to meet a Syrian mail order wife, LoverWhirl, is one of the more niche places for online dating Syrian girls, but that only makes it better as it means lower competition. The credit system on this site is incredibly affordable, and there are lots of useful free features as well. Chatting with a Syrian lady on LoverWhirl is very safe thanks to the website’s good security features, making it all the easier to find your perfect match.

What are the big reasons to choose a Syrian woman?

As we’re well in the Internet era, Western men have their pick of the litter when it comes to mail order brides. Men today can go for Latinas, Slavic brides, an East Asian beauty, African ladies, as well as a Middle Eastern bride.

The big reasons to not only go for a Middle Eastern bride but for a Syrian wife, in particular, is that these ladies come from a culture that very strongly emphasizes family life, respect for men, and focus on traditional values.

That, coupled with the irresistible beauty of Syrian women is often all the reason many men need when looking for a bride.

Pros and Cons of building a relationship with a Syrian bride

Building a relationship with any bride has its Pros and Cons, regardless of where she is from. The same is true when courting a Syrian bride, however, you’ll find that the Pros of Syrian mail order brides vastly outweigh the Cons.


  • Syrian brides are usually incredibly young, usually in their mid 20s.
  • The beauty of a Syrian bride is inarguable, even compared to any other stunning Middle Eastern lady.
  • A Syrian bride is usually a lady with huge respect for married life, meaning a much higher likelihood of a long and stable marriage.
  • Syrian brides come from a very socioeconomically disadvantaged area of the Middle East and are usually very happy and grateful to be given better opportunities in life.
  • The average fertility rate of a Syrian bride is close to 3 children per woman – an expected number for the Middle East, but far higher than what Western men have come to expect from their local women.


  • English isn’t an official language for Syrian brides, so there might be a bit of a language barrier when talking with your future bride.
  • A Syrian bride who moves to the West can experience loneliness and isolation, as she’ll be away from all her friends and family members. This will especially be the case when watching news reports about the goings-on of Syria’s civil war.
  • Dating your future Syrian bride in person can be tricky, given the inherent difficulties of traveling there right now.

Western men often look to the Far East when looking for a bride, but the prospect of Syrian girl has been growing in popularity in the eyes of many men in recent years.

While Syrian brides aren’t as numerous as Chinese or Indian brides, many men have found that courting a young Syrian wife is a great way to build a happy and rewarding life with a stunning beauty who loves and respects you.

Fertility rates of Syrian brides

The fertility rates of Syrian brides sit at the impressive 2.75 – way above what’s normal for most developed countries. That’s not surprising, as economically deprived conflict regions often have high fertility rates.

This also doesn’t mean that Syrian mail order brides will be certain to want 3 or more children if they move to the West. However, a desire for many children and a large family is in line with the culture of most Syrian girls.

Education levels of Syrian girls

With the ongoing civil war, it’s not shocking that Syria’s education levels have been suffering. This is especially true for Syrian girls. While they are allowed to go to school, many girls are strongly discouraged from doing so, leading to low education levels.

The average Syrian girl is more likely to be home-schooled and married off at an early age, rather than to finish high school or go to university.

Divorce statistics of Syrian wives

The divorce rates in Syria have been rising up to 17.6% in recent years. The question as to why is highly contested, however, but it goes without saying that the civil conflict, forced child marriages, and the tumultuous socioeconomic environment play a huge role.

As such, a higher divorce rate is in line with what we might expect, and probably shouldn’t be taken for granted – a Syrian lady placed in a more stable socioeconomic environment where she is free to choose the man she wants to marry is infinitely more likely to have a stable and long-lasting marriage with him.

Syrian brides vs Western brides

Syrian brides come from a pretty troubled socioeconomic background and have drastically lower education levels than Western women.

At the same time, however, a Syrian lady is raised with a healthy respect for her family members and for marriage as an institution. Such a girl is typically young and incredibly beautiful – with luxurious dark hair, dark eyes, either tan or surprisingly light skin, and an overall stunning Middle Eastern beauty.

A Syrian girl is usually hardworking, incredibly resilient, very interested in living in a stable and happy household, and happy to build a long-lasting marriage.

Where and how can you meet single Syrian women?

As this is a country with not only an ongoing civil war but also quite a few different ethnic and religious groups, it’s quite important where exactly your future Syrian bride is going to be from.

The majority of Syria’s population are Arab Sunni Muslims who speak Arabic, however, there is also a sizable minority of Christians (around 10%), a similarly-sized minority of Alawites (around 10%), and another 5 to 10% of Kurdish and Neo-Aramaic people.

Normally, we recommend focusing your search on the larger urban regions of a country, as that’s where you can find the most modern, educated, and Western-minded ladies. This is also the case for Syria, however, the civil war, as well as the war in neighboring Israel both mean you’d want to be a little more selective when choosing which Syrian city you’re going to look into. Here are our recommendations, together with a visual map of Syria’s conflict regions and the cities within them:


The largest city in the country and one of the oldest and most culturally significant cities in all of the Middle East, Aleppo has a population of about 2 million people. The city is located in Syria’s northwestern parts and is quite close to the most intense conflict regions.

As such, visiting Aleppo is tricky, but it is still a large urban center. This means it has the largest population of educated and modern Syrian girls and the lowest risk of a language barrier and insurmountable cultural differences.


A city that’s probably even more famous than Aleppo for most Westerners, Damascus has a population of about 1.5 million people and is Syria’s capital. Located in the country’s Southwest, it’s far from most conflict borders, but there are still some conflicts in and near the city.

Syrian mail order ladies from Damascus are highly educated and well aware of the boons offered by life away from the Middle East. As such, many of them are actively interested in marriage and life with a foreigner from almost anywhere else in the world.


Located in the country’s western region, south of Aleppo and not far from the Mediterranean coast and the Lebanon border, Homs has a population of about 750,000 people. The city used to be a major industrial hub before the war and is quite urbanized today. It’s a city steeped in Middle Eastern history and is home to a pretty ethnically and religiously diverse population.


Sitting right on the Mediterranean coast, Latakia has a population of around 700,000 people. It is Syria’s main port city and it’s a bustling trading hub. As such, Syrian brides from Latakia are used to meeting new people and interacting with foreigners.


With a population of around 460,000 people, Hama is not Syria’s fifth largest city – that honor goes to ar-Raqqah. However, as Raqqa is located in highly contested territory, we would recommend you focus your search for a Syrian wife in Hama instead.

Located north of Homs and south of Aleppo, Hama rests on the banks of the Orontes River and is a city with incredibly rich history. Syrian brides from Hama are brought up with a very traditional view on marriage and family life, and love for their country’s history and culture. Like many other Syrian ladies, however, most girls from Hama are very actively interested in the prospect of meeting a lovely foreigner who’d help them move abroad.

How much does a Syrian mail order bride cost?

Dating and marrying a Syrian mail order bride is paradoxically not as expensive as it is to date ladies from other countries. The reason for that is simple – most of the expenses associated with dating mail order ladies come down to traveling costs, and traveling to Syria is rather tricky at the moment.

Most Western countries strongly advice against going there, getting a travel visa is a weeks-long process, and individual tourists are usually forbidden. Traveling on tours is possible, however, and is usually how most people try to visit the Syrian girls they have been chatting with online.

This means that, in most cases, courting a Syrian woman involves fewer in-person dates than what’s normal with other mail order brides. This is usually a negative, as more in-person dates mean a higher likelihood of a stable and happy household and family life. On the other hand, the fewer in-person dates also mean fewer traveling expenses.

Aside from that, you can expect to have to pay a few hundred dollars or euros for the online website fees or credits over a few months, as well as some money for stuff such as gifts, flowers, and so on.

Aside from that, after one or a few in-person visits, the only other major expense is your bride’s traveling and visa expenses, as well as the wedding itself.

Overall, marriage to a Syrian lady often ends up costing a few thousand dollars or euros, most of which is the traveling and wedding expenses.

It very much is, given that what we mean by “Syrian mail order brides” is just Syrian ladies you can meet and chat with online on international dating websites.

When most people hear about mail order brides, they usually imagine human trafficking and arranged marriage agencies. The former is obviously illegal, and the latter is also frowned upon in most places, as it’s much more impersonal than standard online dating.

However, merely chatting up a potential Syrian wife online, meeting her a few times in person, falling in love with her, and then helping her move in with you in the West – all that is perfectly legal.

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