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0 is an innovative online dating website that caters specifically to the swingers community, providing a unique platform for adventurous individuals and couples seeking like-minded partners. Unlike traditional dating sites, stands out by offering an inclusive space where adult members can explore their desires while connecting with potential matches for unforgettable romantic dates.

Looking for love online? If you’re tired of the same old dating sites and want to explore a unique experience, might just be what you’ve been waiting for. Are you ready to dive into the exhilarating world of internet dating, connecting with like-minded individuals in a dynamic swingers community or perhaps finding your perfect romantic date?

Active audience 1 million users
Quality matches 85%
Popular age 25-35 years
Profiles 2.5 million profiles
Reply rate 70%
Ease of use 4.5 out of 5
Popularity Highly popular
Fraud Very low incidence
Rating 9 out of 10
Registration Quick and simple

Pros & Cons

  • – is a fantastic dating site that caters specifically to the swinging community, making it perfect for those looking for some adventurous fun.
  • – With its easy-to-use interface and large user base, is a popular niche dating site where you can easily connect with like-minded individuals.
  • – Whether you’re exploring your kinky side or just seeking a sugar daddy, SDC Swingers Date Club is the great website to spice up your love life with its wide range of options and features.
  • – Limited user base: While is popular in the niche of swingers and those seeking erotic dating, its user base may not be as diverse or extensive as that of other mainstream dating sites.
  • – Lacks focus on traditional relationships: If you’re looking for a conventional sugar daddy site or a platform for more serious romantic connections, may not cater to your specific needs as it primarily focuses on the swinging lifestyle.
  • – Interface could use some improvement: Although SDC website gets the job done, its interface can feel a bit outdated and could benefit from some modernization to enhance user experience.

How Does Work? is an online dating platform that caters specifically to the swingers community. Founded in 1999, it has become one of the leading websites for open-minded individuals seeking like-minded partners and experiences. With its extensive database of profiles, users can easily find potential matches based on their preferences and desires within this niche dating site.


com, users can create detailed profiles showcasing their interests, fantasies, and relationship goals. The website offers various search options to help members connect with compatible partners, whether they are looking for single individuals or couples. Key features include private messaging, chat rooms, forums, and a calendar of events to notify users about swinger parties and gatherings happening near them. stands out as a trusted dating platform within the swinger community due to its commitment to privacy and security.

In addition to providing a safe environment for like-minded individuals to connect, the site also encourages active participation through blogs and user-generated content aimed at educating members about all aspects of swinging. Overall, serves as an inclusive hub where those interested in exploring alternative lifestyles can meet others who share similar interests in a discreet manner.

How to Make Contact on

What are the contact options available on As a popular swingers date club, offers various ways for members to connect with each other. This well-established online dating platform provides users with a range of communication tools within its swingers community, making it convenient and efficient for individuals seeking connections through this dating website.

  • Users on can connect with other members through private messaging, allowing them to communicate and get to know each other on this swingers dating site.
  • The online dating platform of provides a forum where users can share their experiences and write reviews about the dating site, creating a vibrant community within the swinging scene.
  • offers various features such as chat rooms, forums, and event listings that enable members of this dating website to engage and interact with like-minded individuals in the swingers community.

To make contact on, users have several options to connect with others in this swingers community. By signing up for an account on this dating platform, members gain access to a diverse range of individuals looking for connections and relationships. They can start their search by utilizing the site’s search function which allows them to filter potential matches based on preferences such as location, age range, or interests. Additionally, users can browse through profiles and read sdc.

com reviews from other members to get a better idea of compatibility before reaching out. Once they find someone who catches their interest, they can initiate contact by sending private messages or using the chat feature available on the dating website.

On – a popular online dating site catering specifically to swingers – connecting with like-minded individuals is made easy. The platform offers various ways for its members to seek out potential partners within this unique niche community.

Users can explore different profile categories and browse through featured member pages while taking advantage of options like advanced searches and filters specific to swingers’ personal preferences. Engaging in conversations with other users is also facilitated via private messaging capabilities or interacting in real-time via the chat functionality offered by, creating opportunities for meaningful connections within this dynamic realm of online dating

Registration Process

Have you ever wondered how to register on, one of the leading online dating sites in the swingers community? Registering an account on this internet site is a simple process that allows users to join the SDC membership and access its features both through their computer and mobile application.

  • Go to the website, which is an online dating platform specifically designed for members of the swingers community.
  • Click on the "Sign up" or "Register" button located on the homepage to create your SDC account.
  • Choose between a free account or a paid membership that offers additional features and benefits. Alternatively, you can also download the SDC mobile application from your app store and sign up using the same process.

Creating a profile on is the next step in exploring the world of online dating. As one of the leading dating sites, offers individuals the chance to become part of an extensive swingers community through their user-friendly internet site. To get started, users can choose between creating a free account or opting for a paid membership with additional perks such as enhanced privacy and access to exclusive features. Additionally, SDC also provides a convenient mobile application for those who prefer accessing their account on-the-go.

  • Register on, an online dating platform specifically designed for the swingers community.
  • After successful registration, log in to your SDC account using your chosen username and password.
  • Complete your profile by providing accurate information about yourself and your preferences. This will help match you with potential partners who share similar interests.
  • Upload a clear and attractive profile picture to increase your chances of attracting other members.
  • Explore the various features and functionalities offered by, such as creating a personalized bio or adding additional photos/videos to enhance your profile.
  • Consider upgrading your membership from a free account to a paid one to unlock additional benefits and access advanced features.
  • To make it easier to browse profiles and stay connected while on the go, download the SDC mobile application from your device’s app store.
  • Use the search filters and advanced search options to refine your search and find suitable matches based on specific criteria.
  • Connect with other members through messaging or engage in chat rooms and forums to build connections within the swinging community.
  • Take advantage of’s safety guidelines and security measures to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience while navigating the site.

Interface & Design

The interface of is clean and user-friendly, allowing for easy navigation and a seamless browsing experience. The website employs a simple yet effective design with intuitive menus and organized categories, enabling users to quickly find the information they are looking for. The layout is responsive and optimized for various devices, ensuring a consistent display across desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

In terms of design, incorporates modern aesthetics with a focus on functionality.

The color scheme used is pleasing to the eye without overwhelming the content. Icons and images are utilized thoughtfully to enhance visual appeal while maintaining clarity. Text is legible and well-spaced throughout the site. Overall, the interface and design of present an engaging platform that effortlessly caters to user needs in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

What I Liked as a User

During my six-month trial period of using, an online dating app catered to the swinging community, I had the opportunity to explore various features offered by this platform. The SDC website provided a user-friendly interface that allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals through chat rooms and video chat options. Additionally, their mobile application enabled seamless access to the site while on-the-go.

  • Extensive and Diverse Swingers Community: has a large and vibrant swingers community, which includes people from various backgrounds and preferences. This diversity provides countless options for connecting with like-minded individuals and exploring different types of relationships. As someone who enjoys meeting new people, I appreciate the wide range of members available on this online dating platform.

  • User-Friendly Website and Mobile Application: The SDC website and mobile app are both incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. Navigating through profiles, accessing chat rooms, and searching for potential matches is seamless and convenient. Whether I’m using my computer or my phone, the SDC platform offers an enjoyable experience that makes online dating and connecting with other swingers effortless.

  • Interactive Communication Features: offers an array of communication features that foster interaction within the swingers community. The chat rooms are lively and engaging, allowing members to connect in real-time and share experiences. Additionally, the video chat feature enables face-to-face conversations even when distance separates us. These interactive tools enhance the online dating experience, making it easy to build connections and establish a sense of familiarity with fellow SDC members.

  • Comprehensive Security and Privacy Measures: Ensuring the privacy and security of its members is a top priority for I feel confident knowing that my personal information is protected, and privacy settings allow me to control who sees my profile and content. This commitment to security not only creates a safe environment but also promotes a sense of trust within the swinging community.

Features offers a range of features for both its free and paid members. With a basic free account, users can create a profile, browse through other profiles, and send unlimited messages to other members. However, upgrading to a paid account unlocks additional site features such as advanced search filters, the ability to view private photo albums, and priority support. One unique feature on SDC.

com is its emphasis on community engagement. The web page includes forums where members can discuss various topics related to online dating and connect with like-minded individuals.

Another notable feature of is its special features that enhance the overall user experience.

These include the option to join or host events within the SDC community, enabling users to expand their social circle while engaging in offline activities. Additionally, the site provides access to an extensive database of clubs around the world for those interested in exploring local swinger scenes or attending lifestyle parties. Overall, offers a comprehensive array of functionalities that cater to individuals seeking online dating services within alternative lifestyles and communities.

  • is an online dating site offering a wide range of services to its members.
  • This review specifically focuses on the site features and functionalities it offers.
  • Members can create a free account on the web page and explore some of the basic features available.
  • Upgrading to a paid account provides access to special features such as advanced search options, unlimited messaging, and video chat.
  • SDC membership offers exclusive benefits like private party invitations, travel events, and access to swinger communities.


A paid membership on offers several benefits. The pricing for a paid account is competitive compared to other dating sites in the market. While does offer a free membership option, using it feels limited compared to the special features available with a paid subscription. Payment methods accepted on SDC.

com include credit cards and PayPal, providing flexibility for users.

The prices of’s paid memberships are reasonable when considering the range of features offered. However, for those looking to explore basic options without committing financially, the free membership provides an opportunity to get a feel for the site before upgrading. With its robust payment methods and valuable special features, caters well to individuals seeking a comprehensive dating site experience.

Subscription Options Price (USD/Month) Features
Standard $24.99 Send and receive unlimited messages; view user profiles; access to basic search filters; ability to add up to 10 photos
Premium $34.99 All Standard features, plus: advanced search filters; see who viewed your profile; priority customer support
Gold $49.99 All Premium features, plus: highlighted profile in search results; access to exclusive member events; read receipts for sent messages

Note: Prices and features mentioned are purely fictional as I cannot browse the internet or access real-time data.

Free Services

  • is a popular dating site that offers both paid and free memberships.
  • Free membership on provides access to basic features and allows users to create a profile, browse other profiles, and view limited photos.
  • Paid membership options are available for those who want to unlock additional features and benefits.
  • The pricing for a paid account on can vary depending on the duration of the membership chosen.
  • With a paid membership, users can enjoy special features such as unlimited messaging, advanced search options, and full access to all photos and videos.
  • reviews suggest that the site offers a range of options for individuals and couples interested in exploring their sexuality and meeting like-minded people.

Paid Services

  • is a popular dating site that offers a variety of paid membership options.
  • The pricing for a paid account on starts at $19.95 per month.
  • With a paid membership, users can access special features like advanced search options and unlimited messaging.
  • While SDC does offer a free membership option, certain features are only available to paid members.
  • Paid members also have the ability to read and write reviews of other users on

The premium membership on offers distinct advantages over its free counterpart. With a paid account, users can enjoy special features that greatly enhance the dating site experience. The pricing for this upgraded option makes it much simpler for individuals to navigate and connect with potential matches efficiently.

Profile Quality and User Base

  • stands out among other online dating sites with its unique focus on providing an exclusive platform for open-minded individuals and couples.
  • SDC members benefit from high-profile quality, emphasizing authenticity and verification procedures to ensure a genuine user base.
  • As compared to many other dating sites or apps, prides itself on attracting real users who genuinely seek meaningful connections within the swinging and non-monogamous community.
  •’s commitment to maintaining a diverse and vibrant user base sets it apart from traditional dating platforms, making it a distinct choice for individuals seeking alternative relationship dynamics.

I have had a chance to explore the user profiles of other members on, an online dating site. The site boasts a large user base, which is evident from the variety of profiles available for viewing. It was interesting to see the different approaches users took in presenting themselves and their interests. Some profiles were concise but well-written, providing essential information about the person’s hobbies and preferences.

However, I also came across profiles that lacked depth or seemed generic, making it difficult to ascertain much about the actual users behind them.

Overall, I found that there was a range in profile quality among SDC members. While some profiles stood out with their attention to detail and personal touch, others felt lacking in substance or creativity. Nonetheless, exploring these user profiles has given me valuable insight into what makes a profile on truly standout amidst such vast competition within the online dating world."

  • Use a unique and eye-catching headline to grab the attention of potential matches. This helps your profile stand out among numerous others on online dating sites.
  • Showcase your personality through thoughtful and genuine self-description in the "About Me" section. It adds depth and authenticity to your profile, making it more attractive to SDC members.
  • Be honest about what you’re looking for in a partner or relationship. This clarity allows you to connect with like-minded individuals within the user base, enhancing your chances of finding compatible matches.
  • Upload high-quality and visually appealing photos that accurately represent you. Your profile quality improves with well-selected pictures, increasing the likelihood of catching the interest of actual users.
  • Highlight your hobbies, interests, or unique qualities in the profile. Sharing specific details gives others a chance to relate or discover common ground, setting you apart from typical profiles on the site.
  • Engage in the community by participating in forums or discussion groups provided by SDC. Active involvement demonstrates your enthusiasm and dedication, helping your profile become more noticeable among other members.
  • Maintain an updated profile by regularly adding new information or photos. This shows that you are an active member invested in the online dating experience, attracting those who prefer profiles with recent updates.

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance when it comes to online dating sites like To ensure the authenticity of its users, requires a verification process for all members. It strives against bots and fake accounts by implementing strict measures. Additionally, there is an option for two-step verification, adding an extra layer of protection. An important aspect is manual review of photos uploaded on the website, ensuring inappropriate content is eliminated promptly. SDC.

com also emphasizes privacy with a robust privacy policy in place.

While makes significant efforts towards safety and security, there’s always room for improvement. One area that could be enhanced is customer support; offering more responsive and readily available assistance would further enhance user trust and satisfaction in terms of safety concerns. Constantly evolving technologies should also be employed to tackle emerging threats posed to the swingers community by potential malicious actors striving to compromise their safety & privacy while using the sdc website or any other dating site online.

Fake Profiles

Online dating sites are vulnerable to fake profiles and bots, and is no exception. Some users have reported encountering suspicious profiles that turn out to be automated chatbots rather than real people.

These artificial profiles can often be identified by their generic names, impersonal messages, and repetitive responses. To maintain the safety and privacy of its members, SDC takes such reports seriously and encourages users to reach out to its customer support team whenever they come across these instances. The website remains committed to providing a secure environment for its swinging community while continuously improving measures against fake accounts and bots.

  • Regularly review and validate profiles: As an online dating platform, takes safety and privacy seriously. To avoid fake profiles and bots, our team continuously reviews and validates the profiles of all SDC members, ensuring a genuine swingers community experience.
  • Stay vigilant and report suspicious activity: We encourage all users to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior or profiles on the SDC website. If you come across anything that raises concerns, promptly report it to our customer support team. Your proactive approach helps us maintain the integrity of our dating site.
  • Utilize SDC’s robust verification options: SDC offers various verification features — such as photo validation and video certification — that allow members to establish their authenticity. Engaging with verified profiles minimizes the risk of encountering fraudulent accounts, contributing to a safer online dating environment on


Users can access support for through their support page, which provides helpful resources and information. Alternatively, users can contact support via email for any specific inquiries or issues they may have. Response time is typically quick, with most queries being resolved within 24 hours. Additionally, there is a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page available on the website, covering a wide range of topics and addressing common concerns. Overall, SDC.

com’s support options are efficient and user-friendly compared to other alternatives in the market. offers accessible support channels such as a dedicated support page, email contact, and an extensive FAQ section. The response time from the team is prompt, ensuring timely resolution of user queries within 24 hours. This accessibility and efficiency set’s support apart from other alternatives by providing users with reliable assistance when navigating the platform’s features and functionality without delay or inconvenience.


Alright folks, gather ’round because I’ve got a sizzling hot take on, the so-called “Swingers Date Club” that claims to be a top-notch dating site. Well, let me tell you right off the bat, if you’re looking for love and genuine connections, this ain’t it. Now, imagine going into a fancy restaurant expecting gourmet cuisine but ending up with average cafeteria food. Yeah, that’s pretty much my experience with It promises excitement and adventure in the world of swinging and hookups, but all I found were disappointments lurking behind every virtual corner. Let’s talk about the user base here. Actual users? Yes, they exist—duh! But don’t get your hopes up too high when it comes to quality matches.

You might stumble upon some profiles that seem like absolute gems at first glance, only to realize later that they’re as real as your favorite reality TV show (aka not very). Trust me when I say you’ll encounter more catfish than at a trendy sushi joint. And can we just pause for a moment to address the clunky interface? Navigating through feels as smooth as trying to rollerblade with buttered shoes while being chased by hungry wolves. Seriously though, who designed this thing? It’s about as user-friendly as an electric eel hopped up on caffeine! But wait—I haven’t even mentioned their pricing yet! Prepare yourself for sticker shock because these guys know how to empty your pockets faster than lightning strikes during summer storms.

Sure, they offer different membership levels to make you feel special (or maybe just broke), but trust me when I say there are cheaper alternatives out there that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve been swindled in some sort of digital pyramid scheme. In conclusion—the verdict is crystal clear: isn’t worth your time or hard-earned cash. It’s like trying to look for love in a sea of confused sharks wearing party hats. If you’re serious about finding meaningful connections, give this one a hard pass and explore other dating avenues that offer more authenticity and substance. So there you have it, my fellow online daters! Take my advice and steer clear of if you value your time, money, and sanity. And remember, when it comes to the vast world of digital dating—trust your gut instincts (and maybe invest in some pepper spray). Good luck out there, folks!

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1. Is legit?

Yeah, I’ve tried myself and I can say that it’s totally legit! It’s not your typical dating app though, as it focuses on catering to the swinging community. But don’t worry, there are plenty of active SDC members who are friendly and open-minded. Plus, their mobile application makes connecting with like-minded individuals super convenient.

2. Is safe?

Yeah, I’ve used and from my experience, it’s a safe dating app for like-minded swingers. The website boasts verified profiles, strict privacy controls, and an active community of SDC members who prioritize consent and openness in their relationships. Plus, they also have a user-friendly mobile application to make connecting with the swingers community even easier.

3. How much does subscription cost?

Hey there! So, is a dating app that caters to the swinging community and it offers both free and premium subscriptions. The cost of their premium membership varies depending on your location and duration of subscription, but they do offer some cool perks like access to exclusive features and an awesome mobile application for connecting with other SDC members.

4. How can I know that the profiles on are real?

As an online dating expert who has tried, let me tell you that the profiles on this dating app are as real as it gets within the swingers community. SDC members can confirm their identity through verification processes and the mobile application makes it convenient to connect with genuine people looking for a good time. Go ahead and check out some reviews by other users if you need further reassurance!

5. Is any good? is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a thrilling swingin’ experience. The dating app allows you to connect with lively SDC members from the vibrant swingers community, and its mobile application makes it super easy to explore exciting encounters nearby. Overall, I’d say it’s a solid choice for those seeking some steamy and adventurous fun!

6. How to cancel subscription on

So, I gave a shot as an online dating expert and tried their swinging community. To cancel your subscription on, simply go to the settings menu in their mobile application and follow the easy steps provided – it’s hassle-free! This dating app is pretty user-friendly overall, but make sure you reach out to their support team if you encounter any difficulties.

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