Laotian Mail Order Brides: Top Sites to Meet Laotian Brides

Laotian Mail Order Brides

Embrace the allure of beautiful Laotian brides as we delve into the mysterious world of using mail order brides services to find the woman of your dreams!

Girls from Southeast Asia have been using mail order bride services for years to help them to secure a foreign husband so let’s see how these services can help you to find a charming Laotian women today!

What Kind of Women are Laotian Women?

What Kind of Women are Laotian Women?

Laotian mail order brides are so many wonderful things and have the ability to be such amazing women for foreign husbands! Let’s look at the adventurous spirit of a Laotian mail order bride!

Social Butterflies

Laotian mail order brides seek meaningful connections in every aspect of their life. Their nurturing nature and desire to please means these lovely ladies excel in every aspect of social interaction. If you’re looking for a life partner who will make a meaningful connection with everybody she meets then a Laotian wife is for you!

Cultural Pride

Your typical Laotian bride will be full of pride for her wonderful home country and may be excited to share that culture with you! Indulge in spicy papaya salad or sticky rice as you discuss your cultural differences and break down language barriers with your perfect Laotian wife! Lao culture is incredibly diverse and interesting so make the most of your dating journey by learning all about it as you sample delicious Asian cuisine!

Calm and Relaxed

Western men are often blown away by the inner zen of a Laotian mail order bride! Many women are gifted in creating a harmonious home environment that gives off a sense of calm you could only previously dream of. Other women may fuss about chores but a Laotian mail order bride will sweep into the home and sort out everything without even breaking a sweat!

Deeply Spiritual

Laotian brides possess an ability to encapsulate spirituality and have almost an aura of beauty like an angel. Laotian women typically practice Buddhism but some Laotian girls are a part of another religion so it is best to ask your Laotian wives directly!

Queens of Hospitality

While online dating platforms don’t always allow you to see this aspect of Laotian mail order brides, they are wonderful hosts. Laotian wives embody everything that it means to be a successful host and know exactly how to make their guests feel right at home.

Top Sites to Meet Laotian Brides

Laotian mail order brides are not using a mail order bride service as much as other women like Thai brides or women from another Asian country. Romantic relationships are using formed in a more traditional way but youner Laotian mail order brides are breaking stereotypes and logging on to use mail order bride services to begin a new cultural tradition! Let’s look at some international dating site services that will help you meet potential Laotian brides today!

1. SakuraDate

A newer dating site, SakuraDate is a great place to start! With many dating sites being over complicated, expensive or not have many Laotian mail order brides logging on, SakuraDate stands out as one of the top sites to meet beautiful Laotian women on!

Asian women from all over the continent are using SakuraDate because of how reasonably priced it is and how many filtering options it comes with. As a mail order bride service, SakuraDate has many success stories and will definitely help you meet beautiful Laotian brides!

The video chat option also allows you to meet Laotian bride parents before flying out and can help show local Laotian brides a bit more of the US before they commit to marriage with you.

Online dating platforms with video chat functions are often much more successful and are more likely to land you a Laotian wife at the end of the process!


  • The Laotian mail order brides have detailed profiles
  • Extremely good customer service
  • Very advanced search filters
  • Video chat available
  • Very good moderation
  • Fantastic user interface


  • Costs money to message your potential Laotian bride
  • Fake profiles of Laotian ladies have been sighted
  • No mobile app

2. EasternHoneys

Laotian ladies are loving EasternHoneys and its glorious array of filters! Enjoy messaging Laotian brides for free and using a lot of the online dating features before you need to pay any money.

Laotian mail order brides are also enjoying the fun communication options like sending gifts, hugs and winks to your favorite matches. Online dating is a lot more fun with EasternHoneys!

Your Laotian mail order bride will enjoy receiving updates about your day with the added feature of a smile from her foreign husband to be to bring a little extra joy to her day!

In Laotian culture it is normal that during casual dating quite a few gifts are given to the Laotian mail order bride and that does not stop because you are using dating sites!


  • Fun alternative interaction options like winks
  • New members get a small initial boost of credits
  • Verified profile feature for Laotian brides
  • Loads of information available on Laotian girls
  • Several messaging and interaction options


  • No mobile app
  • No regular subscription plan is available, and you can only purchase credits
  • Messaging costs credits, and it can quickly get expensive

3. OrchidRomance

Orchid romance is another great place to send heartfelt messages to your Laotian woman. In just a few clicks you’ll have romantic relationships at your finger tips full of meaningful connection and amazing Asian culture!

Language barriers are none existant on OrchidRomance with many of the Laotian brides already being able to speak very good English.

Meet Laotian brides, Asian women and Thai women all on the same platform with all of them sharing traditional family values and looking for foreign men to help support their wish for traditional marriage roles!

The sign up process to OrchidRomance is super quick and simple allowing you to get straight to messaging a Laotian girl looking for foreign men!


  • Enjoy chat, live chat, and mail communication options
  • A lot of safety policies for single men and their Laotian women
  • Fairly affordable
  • Easy user interface
  • Very fast and simple sign-up process


  • Some tools are paid for separately, which can be confusing
  • A language barrier can be a problem for a Laotian girl
  • No mobile app
  • There are a few bots imitating a Laotian girl

4. AsianMelodies

Is your Laotian woman waiting for you on AsianMelodies? The mail order bride services offered by AsianMelodies is an amazing way for you to meet Asian women from the comfort of your own home!

Laotian brides women are using the online dating platform because they love the fun gifts and alternative interactions they can enjoy with their Western men! Western men can send their Laotian woman cute gifts for her to enjoy and even add their favorite Laotian mail order bride to a special list to message her later from!

It has never been easier to meet Laotian brides than it has with AsianMelodies! You can use many of the online dating features for free but if you’re serious about meeting Laotian girls then we suggest you pay for the full platform!

Some Laotian girls have found the credit system to be a little confusing but many Laotian women have got to grips with it eventually!


  • The profiles of most Laotian wives are detailed
  • Adding women to your favorites list is super useful
  • Some fun alternative communication options
  • A lot of free features to message your Laotian bride easily
  • The website is very easy to use


  • Quite a few bots imitating Laotian brides
  • The site users frequently encounter bugs
  • Outdated credit system
  • If you share any personal information through the chat, it is instantly flagged

5. LoverWhirl

Find Laotian wives on LoverWhirl using the endless filter options! No need to sift through hundreds of Laotian mail order brides when you can simply use the filters to find your perfect match!

Your perfect Laotian bride is easier to find than ever since you can filter based on age, body type, location, goals and even whether she will uphold traditional family values or not!

Many women on LoverWhirl love the lack of awkward first messages because you already know you have plenty in common thanks to the filters! Whether that love is longing for a big family or tonnes of sticky rice, it’s always good to have some conversation starters and shared interests!

Lao brides are loving how quick it is to sign up and use LoverWhirl. You’ll find your dream Laotian mail order bride faster than ever.


  • Extremely detailed filtered searches to find your perfect girls
  • Here are a few free ways to use the site
  • The vetting policies are very good for both the girls and the guys
  • When a Laotian mail order bride views your profile you receive a notification
  • A simple website that is very easy to use


  • Prices of paid services are hidden, which can lead to hidden costs
  • The number of Laotian mail order brides is fairly low in comparison to other sites
  • Slightly more expensive to use fully
  • No mobile app is currently available

Why Choose Laotian Wives?

Laotian women are absolutely glorious partners to choose to raise adorable kids and have a happy life with. Let’s look at why you should choose a Laotian wife!

Traditional Household

Many Laotian mail order brides support traditional gender roles and are happy to be stay at home moms and look after the household while you work.

This comes as a welcome surprise for many foreign guys who are used to Western women wanted to leave the house to go to work instead.

Delicious Food

Laotian women are very good cooks and enjoy creating traditional dishes for you to enjoy when you come home!

The cultural differences in diet will soon melt away as you taste the delicacies from her home country lovingly prepared by your Laotian brides!

Culture is Key

Laotian women are proud of their culture which is a fantastic quality to see in a modern woman!

The country’s diverse population and rich cultural heritage make a passionate woman who is full of life and spirit in a way not many women can be.

Pros and Cons of Building a Relationship With a Laotian Bride

We all know Laotian brides are lovely but what are they like when accepting both the positives and negatives and settling into married life. Let’s look at the pros and cons of building a life with Laotian women!


  • Stunningly beautiful girls
  • They love children
  • Family is everything
  • They are great hosts
  • Very intelligent
  • Resourceful and resilient
  • Spiritual and calm
  • Amazing cooks


  • Sometimes brutally honest
  • Meeting Laotian bride parents can include language barriers
  • Laotian weddings can be full on
  • Mail order bride services have a stigma around them

Laotian mail order brides are so popular because they make wonderful life long partners to raise a beautiful family with and enjoy the world together.

Mail order bride services have made meeting girls from Laos easier than ever and with the rise in Western feminism, many men from the West are turning to Laotian mail order brides to find the traditional relationship they have always dreamed of.

Fertility Rate in Laos

The fertility rate in Laos is 2.5 children per Laotian women which is pretty good. Many Western countries have dropped as low as 1 child per women so if you definitely want children, then Laotian brides could be for you!

Education Level of Laotian Women

Sadly, there is still a considerable gender gap when it comes to education in Laos. 90% of males over 15 were literate yet only 80% of females were. However, many Laotian women are exceptionally smart and just need the right chance to prove it!

Divorce Statistics of Laotian Brides

Amazingly, Laotian brides only have a divorce rate of 11% which is unbelievably low! These loyal ladies are leading the world in low divorce rates since the average divorce rate is between 35-39%!

Laotian Brides vs Western Brides

Laotian brides are undoubtedly more traditional in every way than a Western woman. Many aspire to be stay at home mothers and spend their days raising children and supporting their husbands.

Western women still have a desire to go to work as soon as possible with some even opting out of having children altogether.

This jarring change in mindset is one of the biggest reasons for guys to turn to Laotian brides over Western brides.

Where and How Can You Meet Single Laotian Ladies?

Laos is a gorgeous country that is full of adventure and single ladies looking for love! Let’s look at the top five cities for you to meet a girl in!

  • Vientiane
  • Savannakhet
  • Pakxe
  • Thakhek
  • Muang Xai

When you’ve found a city you’d like to visit it’s time to put yourself out there! Head out to the bustling streets to try and meet single women. If you like hiking then find a trail or if you prefer history and culture head on over to the museum. Meeting women face to face is just a matter of taking the plunge and going for it! Good luck!

How Much Does A Laotian Bride Cost?

The price of your Laotian companion will vary a lot depending on the size of your wedding, how often you visit Laos and whether you meet her on or offline.

You will need at least $5,000 to start this mission, especially since a K-1 visa costs $2050. Once you’ve got your visa, you may also need a lawyer to iron out any issues.

Then you should also consider the price of dating services and go over it to see your sweetheart!

Overall, you can expect to pay between $10,000 and $15,000 in total!

As with all mail order bride relationships there is always the worry of the whole encounter being illegal. However, this is a common misconception!

It is totally legal to marry a woman from Laos and there are even multiple US laws in place to help keep her safe once she enters the United States.

The biggest hurdle you need to cross is the K-1 Visa which you will need to apply for on her behalf. Of course, it is sensible to organise all your paperwork before marriage just to be on the safe side! Good luck!

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