Indian Mail Order Brides: Meet India Women for Marriage

Indian Mail Order Brides: Meet India Women for Marriage
Indian mail order brides

Indian mail order brides, like those from China, have been a popular topic for quite some time. While some people are against it, many women in India are happy to sign up for this to find love and marriage. That doesn’t mean getting in contact and marrying these mail order brides is an obvious process to many people.

If it was, almost everyone would have an Indian wife. Online dating boasts plenty of success stories in this department, making it worth considering. Anyone who wants to start a family with women from the Indian country would do well to try this.

It’s worth diving into how they can. It’s a dream for many, so let’s dive in.

What Kind Of Women Are Indian Mail Order Brides?

Indian mail order brides are all kinds of people, and there isn’t anything different about them. They’re simply women from India who want to find someone to marry and spend their life with. They come from the city and rural areas, and they want to be a bride for foreign men.

Indian mail order brides have long been popular because they stand out from women not from India for various reasons. Many of them even want to leave India and live somewhere else. They want to be Indian brides somewhere other than their home country.

Mail order brides from countries around the world want the same thing. India happens to have some of the most mail order brides, and an Indian mail order bride can be one of the most appealing.

Top Sites To Meet Single Indian Women

So, where can Western men find mail order Indian brides that want to marry them? With an online dating website, this should be relatively easy. It’s just a matter of finding the right site to use, and there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Whether the potential groom is from China, Eastern Europe, Canada, or other countries, these sites let them meet Indian brides that want to marry foreign men. These lucky guys could find a new life with an Indian woman before they know it.

It’s worth diving into the best sites to meet potential Indian brides.

1. SakuraDate

One of the best sites to go to, this is easy to use, has plenty of Indian ladies to speak, and more. There’s no reason not to try this, but you’ll be stuck with the desktop version and can’t chat on the go.


  • Plenty of premium features like video calls
  • Easy to find a bride from India
  • Profiles are verified, so it’s easy to know they’re from India


  • Can only use the desktop version, so there’s no chatting on the go

2. EasternHoneys

Plenty of verified women from India are on here, and there are various ways to chat to them. The only real negative here is the cost, and this can add up quicker than most people suspect.


  • Plenty of women from India to chat to
  • Women are verified as from India and prove who they are
  • Various ways to talk to a potential bride


  • Video calls and other features must be paid for

3. OrchidRomance

There are quite a few tools users can take advantage of with this, and there’ll be plenty of ladies to chat to. The customer service team is also quick to reply, but this can be one of the more expensive websites to use.


  • Plenty of women from India to talk to
  • Quite a few tools in the chat room
  • Customer service team responds quickly


  • Can be expensive to use

4. AsianMelodies

One of the more popular options, all of the ladies from India on here are verified, and there’s a decent potential for finding a potential wife. The customer service is also detailed in its replies, so there’ll be nothing to worry about. It can be a glitchy site, though.


  • A lot of women from India are on here and these are verified
  • Customer service team is comprehensive in its replies
  • Great for finding potential brides to marry


  • There are quite a few glitches on the site

5. LoverWhirl

It’s easy and fast to set up a profile here, and navigating around the platform isn’t too complicated. There are also plenty of women to talk to, but this can be one of the more expensive sites to use.


  • Profile is easy to set up
  • Easy to navigate around the website
  • A lot of women to talk to


  • There aren’t many free dating services to use

Why Choose An Indian Bride?

Why Choose An Indian Bride?

Out of everywhere in the world, why choose brides from India? There are more than a few reasons for this, and they can be a dream for a guy, with some of the more notable being:

  • Mail order brides from India are some of the most faithful
  • An Indian mail order bride has a genuine interest in her partner
  • Girls from India cook food better than those from other countries
  • Their traditions help them put their partner first
  • They make great mothers
  • They speak great English and Hindi

Pros And Cons Of Building A Relationship With Indian Brides

There are more than a few pros and cons associated with an Indian bride, and it’s worth having a general idea of these. The pros include:

  1. Their beauty and intellect can be unparalleled
  2. They also make great friends
  3. They can talk about a range of subjects
  4. They want to spend their life with their partner
  5. Their family comes first

It’s also worth having an idea of some of the negatives associated with marrying someone from India:

  1. Their traditions can seem relatively old
  2. They can put socializing behind their family
  3. They believe in evil spirits, which Westerners mightn’t

The pros outweigh the cons here.

Dating a woman from India is popular for quite a few reasons, as is finding Indian mail order brides. Indian brides completely dedicate themselves to family, and they can talk about quite a few subjects. Whether they’re from the countryside or big cities, that’ll be the case.

A bride will look after her family and care for her partner. That’ll be seen once they’re met in person, and they’ll want to spend life together.

Fertility Rate In India

The fertility rate in India is relatively high, although it’s been going down in the past few decades. It’s lower in a city than it would be in rural areas, but it averages at 2.6 children per woman in India.

Education Level Of Indian Girls

Education in India is, unfortunately, mainly seen as for men. That’s led to many girls in India not being as educated as their male counterparts. Despite that, these girls are quite intelligent and learn at their own pace.

Divorce Statistics Of Indian Women

Indian women want to spend their life with their partner, but that doesn’t mean separation isn’t a possibility. As much as it can be a dream, it’s worth noting the divorce rate in India before getting married. Unsurprisingly, the divorce rate in India is less than 1%, lower than most places in the world.

Indian Women Vs Western Brides

There are plenty of differences between Indian women and those from more western countries. An Indian girl’s life and upbringing will be noticeably different from those growing up somewhere else. The country someone grows up in can have a noticeable impact on them and their outlook.

Many young women in India struggle with poverty, no matter whether they’re from New Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, or Mumbai India. That’s something many westerners haven’t much of a notion of. It can work to make Indian girls more appealing in some ways, however. 

Marriages with either option can be great.

Where And How Can You Meet Single Indian Women For Marriage?

There are plenty of places in the country a non-Indian can go to find an Indian bride, with Mumbai being one of the more notable of these. That being said, Mumbai, India is far from the only place to go.

Meet Single Indian Women For Marriage

It’s worth diving into some of the more notable of these.

  1. Mumbai – Mumbai city is one of the most obvious places to go when looking for Indian brides, and it’s easy to see why. Mumbai, India, is the first place that comes to mind when most people think of India.
  2. Bangalore – Bangalore is another one of the largest cities in India, making it worth considering. It’s great for international relationships, and plenty of women in Bangalore are looking for marriage, though they want to avoid arranged marriages.
  3. New Delhi – New Delhi, and even Delhi, is a well known city in India, and it’s worth trying to look here for marriage. Even arranged marriages are relatively common here. It’s always worth considering New Delhi when looking for Indian girls to marry.
  4. Chennai – Chennai can be an overlooked city in India, especially when it comes to marriages between an Indian woman and a foreigner. Despite that, it rivals Mumbai, India, in terms of the amount of potential brides that can be found here.
  5. Kolkata – Kolkata is one of the more overlooked parts of India when it comes to romance. Despite that, there are plenty of women in Kolkata who would make great mail order brides, and marriages with them can go quite well.

Mumbai, India, can often be the best place to go when looking for Indian brides. It’s far from the only place that’s worth considering, however. Outside of the above, Pune can be one of the more notable places to go.

Women from Pune in India want a better life, marriage, and much more, in the same way those from other parts of the country want. It could be worth trying there, too. It even boasts some appeal that Pune, Chennai, and even Mumbai, India don’t offer.

How Much Does An Indian Mail Order Bride Cost?

Marrying a woman from India can be expensive. There’ll be quite a few expenses to bear in mind, even before marrying an Indian wife. Even as they chat to a Western man online, there’ll be the costs associated with using the platform. These can cost hundreds of dollars a month.

Once the chat is over, it’ll be time to meet up in person. That involves flight and accommodation costs, which will easily be a few thousand dollars. Going to the country and staying in India isn’t cheap, after all. Where in the world someone’s flying from affects this, however, as does the city being stayed in. Expect to shell out a lot of money.

Any phone calls involved in the process adds up to it, and that’s without counting the dating process when meeting in person. Lastly is the fact the wedding itself will need to be paid for. Family members – especially of the bride – can help with this, but expect it to spenda few thousand dollars, at minimum.

It’ll be a lot of money.

Before getting married to a woman from India, it’s best to know the legalities of it. This can vary depending on the country getting married in. Thankfully, getting legally married in India isn’t too complicated, unlike some other countries.

After that, it’s worth noting that moving from one country to another after getting married has to be considered. This can be different depending on where it is being moved to, with China and America, for example, having different legalities. It should be relatively straightforward after the marriage, though.

Wrapping Up

Using the internet has long been a great way to find Indian mail order brides has been popular for quite some time. Dating and starting a relationship with someone from India or another country has never been easier.

Between their traditions, exotic beauty, ability to speak Hindi, and much more, it’s easy to see why that’s the case. There’s no reason why Westerners wouldn’t want to start dating Indians.

A guy could find his dream relationship here, and getting married to an Indian woman and having children shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

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