Asian Mail Order Brides: Is This The Way To A Happy Marriage With An Asian Wife?

Asian Mail Order Brides

Asian brides have long been seen as some of the most attractive and interesting on the planet. Countless western men have idolized them for quite some time. This popularity shows no sign of going away.

In fact, the internet age has made it much easier to find Asian women to marry, no matter what country the groom is in. Plenty of dating sites have been set up just for this, with some being much more useful than others.

That doesn’t mean finding someone to marry is completely easy, however. In fact, it could be much more difficult than many people expect. That’s the case with all kinds of marriage, nevermind international ones.

Despite this, it could be more straightforward than some people would expect. It’s just a matter of people knowing what they’re doing and being willing to put the time and effort into it. It’s worth taking a look at everything a man needs to know to find an Asian bride they’d like to marry.

By the time they’re done, they could be starting their new family before they know it.

Best Asian Brides Sites

Asian brides have long been a hot commodity, and plenty of men want to find Asian women they can marry. Dating Asian women couldn’t be easier, with multiple online dating sites helping with this. What are the top picks for mail order bride sites? Let’s take a look.


SakuraDate is one of the best mail order dating sites for finding oriental women looking for serious relationships, with plenty of Asian singles being found here.


Anyone looking for a serious relationship and a beautiful Asian wife would do well with EasternHoneys, which boasts users from most Asian countries.


OrchidRomance is one of the best international dating sites to find a mail order bride, and offers plenty of single women from any Asian country you can think of.

Best Asian Dating Site to Meet Asian Women

Each of the above can be a great Asian dating site to choose to find a future Asian bride. Most people would prefer a little more information about them before making their decision, however. Knowing they can meet beautiful Asian women on them isn’t enough for this.

Some potentially have more Asian brides to choose from and talk to, while others offer translation services and other free services. Some even boast a unique matchmaking system to find the perfect match.

Whether or not there’s a successful marriage often rests on which dating site is chosen. When looking for an Asian mail order wife, it’s best to know as much as possible beforehand.

It’s worth diving a little deeper, and nobody should have a problem finding plenty of Asian women to chat to and, hopefully, marry.

1. SakuraDate

There are plenty of potential Asian brides to find on SakuraDate. Anyone interested in an Asian woman would do well to try this out, as there’ll be no problem finding Asian girls for marriage here. There are multiple features to use here, like a search tool with search filters, instant messaging, and more. Communication should be a breeze with this, even in their free time.

2. EasternHoneys

EasternHoneys could almost be seen as a search engine for single women, with many of these wanting to become Asian brides. There are more than a few great features here, as well as the high quality profiles filled with personal details. There’s also a credit based system here to help users keep their costs low. They can also contact customer support quite easily. Video calls and trying to arrange real dates directly should also be easy.

3. OrchidRomance

OrchidRomance is great for meeting Asian women who are potentially looking to become an Asian bride. Plenty of marriages with Asian brides have started off here, and there’s no reason why countless others could start here, too. It’s packed full of single women, so finding an Asian woman to marry shouldn’t be too complicated. Premium members can send meeting requests and exchanging presents is a breeze.

Who Are Asian Brides?

Who Are Asian Brides?

So, who exactly are the Asian brides looking for love online with foreign men? While most people would expect a comprehensive answer to who exactly they are, it’s really relatively general. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to get married, especially when it comes to finding love in another country.

Generally, they’re typical Asian women who just want to find love. Many of them have a preference for foreign men, for the same reason many foreigners would prefer Asian people to marry.

Many of them are just normal people, and they wouldn’t stand out from the crowd if they passed on the street. They’re smart, compassionate, people who simply want to find love with a foreigner.

Some of them want to leave the country they live in, and finding love with a foreigner can be one of the best ways to do that. Others simply want to get married, and they don’t mind whether their potential partner is from Asia or another country.

See them as normal people who simply want to find a long lasting relationship with someone they’re genuinely in love with. These Asian brides aren’t any different from anyone else.

Why Marry Them?

Asian women are often known for their outward beauty, but that still mightn’t be enough to explain why people should marry Asian brides. They’ve become more and more popular in the past few decades, and quite a few people might wonder why.

As it turns out, there are more than a few reasons why. Their strong family values are some of the more notable reasons why. The fact they’re family oriented women is far from the only reason why Asian brides are more and more popular.

They’re smart, great cooks, cultured, and so much more. An Asian bride is great company, and they can often be some of the best companions anyone could ask for. The differences in culture can also be an appealing trait, as can learning a new language from them.

Everyone has their own reasons for marrying, however, as this applies just as much to Westerners as it does Asian women. Anyone considering going this route will have their unique reasons for wanting to do it.

Whether it’s because it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, or they just want someone a little exotic, these reasons are valid, and there are plenty of them to pick from.

Why do Asian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

It’s also worth considering why Asian women choose to become a mail order bride. It’s easy to see why they’ll become a traditional Asian bride, but why look for love through a dating platform or marriage agency where they’ll find it with foreign men?

There’ll be multiple cultural differences, after all, and it can often feel like arranged marriages are being set up. Thankfully, that isn’t the case. They want to become Asian brides to foreign men for more than a few reasons. Many of these are the same as why Western men look for Asian mail order brides in the first place.

They have an attraction to foreigners and want to explore the modern world looking for love. A Chinese woman, or any kind of Asian woman, wants to see the world and live somewhere else. At the same time, they want to find their perfect match and develop mutual respect as the relationship progresses.

Chinese women also find Western men attractive, for the same reason Westerners find an Asian woman attractive. The only difference is that it’s going the opposite way around.

Asian girls look to these men to fall in love with and take them away, and they’ll consider becoming an Asian mail order bride to do that. Some of them want to get away from the Asian countries they live in. They’ll use a dating site to help with this. 

While that doesn’t apply to all Asian ladies, it certainly applies to more than a few of them. If someone really wants to know what drives them, it’s worth asking the Asian woman they’re talking to. Chinese brides don’t all have the same goals, after all, though many Asian brides do.

To put it simply, there are plenty of reasons for them to become an Asian mail order bride. To get more specific answers, it’s worth talking to an Asian girl or Asian lady who wants to become one.

Pros and Cons of Asian Women For Marriage

More Asian brides are popping up every day, and they’re using translation services and online dating to help do that. But, why should someone choose them compared to American women, for example? The fact that the potential bride and groom come from different cultures seems like it’ll be a negative, especially if either are from rural areas.

That isn’t the case. The different cultures between the bride and groom could be seen as a good thing, and might even be appealing. The general idea of marrying them is quite appealing, but what are the pros and cons of choosing Asian mail order brides instead of a more traditional wife?

It’s worth diving into.


  • There are countless reasons why men would want to consider Asian brides. These women are focused on their family, and they’re completely dedicated to the relationship. A lot of this is because of their cultural upbringing, and they’ll put marriage before most other things.
  • Then there’s the fact they’re relatively well educated people, which makes them great communicators. They can speak about quite a few topics, and they’re well-versed in countless areas. These women can more than hold their own in most arguments and debates.
  • Their beauty is one of the more obvious reasons why they can be considered. This appearance is unparalleled almost anywhere else, which makes them appear quite exotic. That’s more than enough to get most people thinking about Asian brides.
  • Add in the fact they’re great cooks and housekeepers, and they become more and more attractive. They’re also dedicated workers who don’t have a problem putting in the work when they need to.
  • These can all be appealing traits to almost any partner. It’s easy to see why so many people from Western countries have such a love and passion for Asian brides.


  • While there are an awful lot of positives, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any negatives. It’s often worth making sure anyone considering Asian brides knows about the drawbacks of the process, too. Some of these might be obvious, but quite a few of them aren’t. It’s worth taking a hard look into this.
  • First is the fact they’re in another country. While that leads to some positives, there’s the fact that either the groom or bride will need to move country after the marriage takes place. This involves quite a few costs, and the expenses can add up quite quickly. That could be off putting to quite a few people.
  • The differences in cultures can also play a noticeable role in this. The Asian brides and their grooms might have different expectations when it comes to the marriage. This leads to tension, which can often have an impact on the relationship.
  • It’s something that’ll need to be worked on from the start. Effective communication can be a great help with this, but it still needs quite a bit of effort. It’s something both parties will need to be prepared for.
  • Lastly are the negatives that come with any marriage, no matter where the bride and groom come from. These are all relatively well-known, and don’t need too much explaining. That being said, they still need to be aware of before committing to a marriage.

Best Countries to Find an Asian Wife

Finding an Asian bride can often be difficult, especially if it’s limited to websites and dating platforms. It’s often worth going to Asia to find them in person. Even if these Asian women are first met online, there’ll come a point where they’ll need to meet in person.

But, what exactly are the best places to meet Asian women? When most people consider this, a few countries could come to mind relatively quickly. It’s worth taking a look at some of the more popular countries to go to.

While these offer plenty of similarities, they also have their differences. Asian brides grow up differently and have different outlooks depending on the country they come from, after all. Let’s take a detailed look at the best countries to find an Asian bride.

Depending on personal preferences, some could stand out a lot more than others.

1. Thailand

Women in Thailand

Women in Thailand are well known, and they always have a great reputation among foreigners. Many people see them as smiley and positive, and people associate happy memories with them. That alone makes it a great place to look for an Asian bride.

They’re also quite feminine, and they’re some of the most compassionate people on the planet. Exceedingly loyal, they make great partners, and are sure to keep their groom happy, no matter what. There’s no reason not to try here.

2. China


China is one of the more obvious places to find an Asian wife, and it’s the first place that will come to mind for many people. They’re some of the most beautiful women in the world, and they’re well known for that. There are more than a few other reasons why it’s worth looking here, too.

Close to half of Chinese ladies are looking for a foreign man to marry, so they’re some of the more appealing for Westerners. Add in the fact they’re smart, cultured, and well-aware of everything that’s going on, and there’s no reason not to take a look in China.

3. Japan


Japan is another one of the more obvious countries to consider, and it’s easy to see why. Not only are Japanese women beautiful, but they’re also some of the smartest people on the planet. They’re technologically savvy, and are great with understanding almost any kind of technology.

Add in how sleek and stylish they are, and they become more and more appealing. They’re definitely worth a consideration, as they’ll make amazing wives.

4. Philippines


The Philippines is one of the more overlooked Asian places to look for a bride, but it can still be one of the more appealing. They have a rich history that many people can find appealing, and they’re also a smart population.

Women from here are also quite interesting to talk to, beautiful, and more than worth spending time with. Plenty of men wouldn’t have a problem falling for them.

5. Vietnam


Vietnam is another one of the more overlooked countries to find a bride, but it’s more than worth considering. Women from here are completely dedicated to their families, and they’re a great pick for anyone looking to have kids.

They make sure their partner and children are well taken care of, making them great wives and mothers. Anyone looking to start a family would do well to start off here.

Asian brides have often been a hot commodity, and that’s still the case. Some people might wonder why that’s the case, especially considering men would have plenty of choices at home. There are more than a few reasons why women from Asia continue to be popular as brides.

Their cultural upbringing is often one of the more notable. Compared to women from other countries, they can often be seen as more submissive. Quite a few men – and even some ladies – find that quite appealing. They don’t like women who can be commandeering in a relationship.

Then there’s their natural beauty, which is more than enough to catch quite a few peoples’ attention. There’s also some of the more personal traits usually associated with Asian women. They give a lot to their relationship, and are often completely dedicated to it.

Most people find that appealing, and it’s one of the main reasons they became so popular in the first place. That continues to be the case to this day. Even the fact they’re from another continent – nevermind another country – can be one of the more intriguing parts of this.

As much as many people would want an Asian bride, they’ll need to make sure it’s actually legal when they’re doing it. Thankfully, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about with this. International marriages have always been legal, but the people involved need to follow local laws when doing it.

Getting married anywhere in Asia is relatively easy, and it should just involve signing the appropriate documentation with some officials. Once that’s done, the marriage itself will be legal in the country where it’s registered.

After that, the couple might need to register their marriage in the country they’re living in. Usually, this just involves submitting the marriage license and similar documentation to the appropriate authorities.

It’s also worth noting that visas and similar legalities will need to be sorted out at the same time. This is an essential part of making sure both members of the couple can legally live in the country they want to live in.

Thankfully, this is quite easy once the marriage has been legalized. After that, getting the legalities in order shouldn’t take much effort, even if it takes a bit of time.

American Woman Vs An Asian Bride

So, why would some American men prefer to go for an Asian bride instead of one from their home country? The multiple reasons why Asian women are so popular to marry can help to explain it. They boast quite a few features and traits that many men find attractive.

These are far from the only reasons why men prefer to marry them. The multiple differences between American and Asian women help to explain it. Usually, women from Asia tend to be on the more submissive side when it comes to a relationship. American ladies typically don’t show this.

Then there’s the fact there are multiple differences in culture between them. These are some of the more obvious differences between them, outside of the race factor. There’s how differently the two types of women think and behave.

This is often one of the more overlooked parts of this. Asians are culturally different from Americans, and not enough attention is paid to this when many people are thinking about marriage or any other kind of relationship.

Then there’s the fact Asian women tend to speak more languages than they’re American counterparts. Not only will they speak their native tongue, but they’ll also be fluent in English. This highlights quite a difference in their approach to learning and improving themselves.

Many people can see this, and it can often be one of the more attractive parts of Asian brides. Many of these can be relatively superficial differences, however. Personal preferences can play a noticeable role in whether American or Asian women are found more appealing.

How Much Does it Cost to Get an Asian bride?

A typical wedding can cost quite a bit of money, but grooms need to consider the costs of marrying an Asian woman abroad. There’ll naturally be quite a few extra expenses in the process. It’s worth diving into some of the more notable of these.

The first ones that any bride and groom will come across are the fees associated with the dating platforms they’re using. While these are relatively small, they can add up to hundreds of dollars over the course of a few months, even thousands.

Once things are going well, the groom will naturally need to consider travelling to meet their potential bride. The flights alone could be hundreds of dollars, depending on where they’re flying from. Add in the accommodation needed for the time they’re there, and this could add up to a few thousand dollars per visit.

After that are the typical costs associated with dating, such as taking a potential bride out for dinner and drinks. Over the course of the dating process, this adds up quite significantly.

Then there’s the marriage itself. While this often costs less than getting married in America, it can still cost quite a bit of money. Expect to pay anywhere between ten and twenty thousand on the wedding itself, with it costing a lot more than this when everything else is considered.

Wrapping Up

Asian brides have always been popular among foreigners, and that shows no sign of slowing down. Instead, it seems as though they’ve become even more popular in recent years. The advent and evolution of the internet have made it much easier to find Asian women to marry.

The countless reasons to consider these women make it easy to see why so many men are doing it. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without its difficulties, though. Instead, there’s a lot involved in an international marriage to be aware of.

Despite this, there are ways for people to make it more straightforward for themselves. With dating platforms, some initiative, a lot of communication, and some travelling, nothing should get in the way.

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Lee Huxley

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