Ready to add more plants to your plate??

Stop stressing and start prepping with the WM community! We provide healthy & delicious meal plans that take out the guesswork and stress of figuring out what to eat each and every day.


Want to go big? Check out our all-inclusive meal plans that provide Breakfast, Smoothies, Snacks, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert!


Want to start small? Check out our Mini-Meal Plan that provides delicious plant based dinner recipes that can be used for leftover lunch!

WonderMamas Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans

Whole Food Plant-based Meal Plans
created by our family for you and your family!

WonderMamas Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans

Your health matters and our meal plans are meant to keep you on track while enjoying every last bite. Plants over processed and home cooked over take out. Watch in awe as your body thanks you for taking the time to nourish it properly.

WonderMamas Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans

Stop the stress of picking and choosing meals. No more scrolling endlessly to pick what you are going to eat today. Simply follow our super simple recipes and/or optional batch cooking option and get back to living your life.

WonderMamas Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans

While weight loss is not the "goal" of our meal plans, we are happy to note that many of our members have ranted and raved that they achieved a very healthy and steady weight loss when needed and energy levels are at an all time high!

WonderMamas Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans

By meal prepping, we reduce our chances of creating extra food waste. Follow our meal plans each and every week to help the environment, lower your monthly food spending, and get the most out of a plant based diet. Don't forget to enjoy those leftovers!

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WonderMamas Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans

The Creator

Danielle is the creator of the WM Meal Plans and started creating her family meal plans after the birth of her adorable identical twin sons. 


“It was simple really. Either I was going to meal prep and figure this all out ASAP or we were going to live off of frozen vegan pizza and french fries haha.  Life with newborn twins is hard enough – I really didn’t need the stress of “what’s for dinner?”.” I was desperate and that’s how WonderMamas was born! Once I got down to business and followed these meal plans, so much stress fell off of my shoulders. I had been creating meal plans for over 10 years at this point but never imagined a thriving business to come from it. Now I get to help out other families while staying home with my children. It’s a dream. Thank you for allowing this dream to come true.”


Danielle is a United States Navy Veteran, personal trainer, certified holistic health coach, and has been creating healthy plant based recipes for over 9 years. 

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