sustainable gifts for dad
Sustainable Gifts For Dad!

Sustainable (& Ethical) Gifts For Dad!

Hey, Mamas! Today I wanted to share with you my personal shopping cart for Sustainable Gifts For Dad! Whether it’s your own father, a father figure, husband, boyfriend, teacher…these will all be perfect! I decided to make this list to spread some good brand awareness, share some super cool zero waste gift ideas, and highlight the need for more sustainable father gifting options.

I was really shocked by how little options our male counterparts had in the sustainable world, but at the same time, I only found amazing quality and superb options. The pickings may be slim, but sometimes that’s exactly what we need. Fewer distractions, less “options” and just simple and great quality goods. Let’s dive into this Sustainable Gifts For Dad list!


Sustainable Gifts for dad

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sustainable gifts for dad
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organic basics
Brand Spotlight: Organic Basics. It’s Time To Rethink Your Undies!

How did my journey to sustainable undies begin with Organic Basics??

Well, first of all, I swapped from disposable to cloth diapers for my children over a year ago for several reasons but one was major: the toxic ingredients inside. I spent months researching the horror of disposable diapers and, as a result, became a cloth diaper advocate.

Through all the hours of research I never once thought of my own underwear and, as a result, failed myself for far too long. Read more

organic basics
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