camping adventure with children
Camping Adventure with Children (Sustainable and Ethical Travel Series)

Our family just got home from a wonderful camping trip and I was able to film lots and lots for you all!

All of our prior arrangements were thrown out the window when the rain rolled in and stayed North (exactly where we were headed!) so we had to adapt and head South instead. We ended up staying at Lago di Garda and had such a magical time with the rock covered lake.

Come join us on our camping adventure with children; from washing cloth diapers to sleeping in our van!



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vegan camping meals
Must-Have Vegan Camping Meals + Meal Prep List

Must-Have Vegan Camping Meals (Kids and Adults!)

I’ll never forget the day when I decided we just HAD to have a VW camper for our family. Thinking about it still makes me giggle a bit. I was sitting on the couch and looking through old vintage photoshoots on my phone (it’s a strange hobby of mine) when I saw a very cool family from the 70s. They were sitting out near a lake and had a stunning old school pop-top VW camper van. It was vintage perfection. Read more

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