Little Animals Mean World
Little Animals, Mean World Vegan Children’s Book Collection (Talk to your children about Animal Cruelty!)

“Although they don’t speak our language, animals are not so different from us. They’re incredibly smart, feel emotions, and care about their families and friends. Animals want to be happy, and most of all, they deserve to live free.”

Angela Prada-Moed

Welcome back to the blog, loves. I am so excited to share this amazing vegan children’s book collection with you today! My children are in love. These books are fantastic for vegan and non-vegan families alike.

Each book in the collection can be purchased individually or as a set. I have written a summary of each book at the end of this blog post.

Little Animals Mean World Book Collection

My children received these books as one of their Christmas presents and not a single day has gone by where we have not read ALL five of these books. They are just smitten. At just 3 years old, my kiddos are already asking all of the questions.

This book bundle is a dream for any parent who wishes to tackle these hard topics.

The name of the collection is “Little Animals, Mean World” and it contains five very colorful vegan story books. These books explain the dairy industry, elephant riding, animal testing, meat consumption, and the fur/leather/etc industry in a way that children can understand.

The books are very well thought out, honest, descriptive, and each one comes with a very happy ending. Martin and I were sitting at breakfast the other day chatting about how beautiful the endings were. In all honesty, I truly believe that by raising our next generations with books like these in hand, we could very well make these endings a reality.

The writer of the “Little Animals, Mean World” books, Angela Prada-Moed, is a mother of two and a mama on a mission. As many others could relate, as soon as the motherly role is blessed upon us, we feel a deep connection to all other mothers and fully witness the bond between mother and child. The hard reality of the dairy industry hit her hard. Angela felt this ever so deeply and could not bear to sit back and do nothing. Her greatest mission is to be as transparent with her children as possible on hard to discuss topics.   We are so grateful for Angela’s passion to fight for the animals and could not have dreamed up a better book collection for our littles.

Every single night, my little boys run to the bookshelf to pick one of Angela’s books. Leo usually picks ‘Oliver’s Milk” (pronounced Oliers Mick) and Alessandro always runs to grab ‘Mackenzie’s Test” (pronounced Kenzie’s Mic-scope). I can not help but smile ever so brightly as my children start to ask questions and understand what I am reading to them. 

As little baby Oliver was taken away from his Mother in “Oliver’s Milk”, my children gasped and asked me if we could please help Oliver get back to his mommy. “Of course,”, I said, and we finished the book with the happy ending of baby calf being reunited with his mourning mama. Such a beautiful ending. One we all hope for.

I thought it would be helpful to give a short description of each book in my own words to help our readers fully understand the book collection.

Oliver’s Milk

I believe we are on reading number 500 of this book, and for good reason. It is colorful, interactive, and full of curiosity-striking writing. The story begins with a pregnant mother cow, Audrey, who gives birth to her son, Oliver, in a factory farm. They are very happy until the factory farm workers come and separate them. They are heart broken. Oliver does everything in his power to get back to his mother and eventually they break free and escape to an animal sanctuary. This book talks about the dairy industry, the meat industry, and the safe haven of animal sanctuaries. Leo’s favorite part is a little interactive map that helps Oliver to find his mother – just be sure to avoid the factory farm worker!

Mackenzie’s Test

Mackenzie is a very smart bunny who wishes to be a world-renowned scientist one day. She decides to head off to science camp but, sadly, finds herself locked up upon arrival for animal experimentation. We learn about why animals are tested, how they are tested, and how we can avoid animal testing to opt for safer and better results. Alessandro adores this book and all of the colorful science related tools and symbols on each and every page.

Ethan Isn't Bacon

Ethan Isn’t Bacon

Meat consumption has probably been one of the hardest discussions for me to have with my children and I am so grateful for Ethan. Ethan is a very privileged pig who lives life just like the rest of us. He goes to school, plays with his friends, and has a lovely home with his loving parents. One day, he is driving with his papa when he notices a truck full of pigs. He begins to ask questions and notices quickly that everyone around him doesn’t want to acknowledge the truth. Eventually, Ethan finds out that these pigs are being sent to the slaughterhouse and he will not allow it. Ethan becomes an animal activist and stops the slaughter of his fellow pigs.

Victoria's Couture

Victoria’s Couture

This is such an adorable and direct book on why wearing animal fur and skin is simply not nice. Victoria is a fox who owns a little clothing shop made from all cruelty-free materials. A new customer, Leila, walks in one day and is looking for a warm coat for winter. Leila requests down, wool, cashmere, leather, and more and Victoria explains why each one of these options are not kind to the animals. In the end, Leila and Victoria work together to create new cruelty-free collections and go into business together!

Riding Benjamin

Riding Benjamin

A year before my children were born, I was living in an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. These Elephants were saved from the very cruel Elephant riding industry and I couldn’t have been happier to see this book in the collection. This book begins with a baby elephant named Benjamin and his mommy playing in the water in the jungles of Thailand. On the way home, they fall into a trap and Benjamin is taken from his mother and sold to a Mahout. This Mahout forces Benjamin to give rides to tourists for money and Benjamin quickly becomes sick. While waiting to give another ride, Benjamin meets a little boy named Lucas who refuses to ride Benjamin and decides to save him instead. Lucas takes Benjamin to an Elephant sanctuary and vows to save many more elephants from the horrors of Elephant riding. 

“Learn the stories of how animals would fight back for their lives if they could speak our language. Find out how meat and dairy break families apart and where many clothing materials come from. Explore ways to help animals who are being used for entertainment, and discover scientific advancements that promise an end to animal testing.  Get useful insight into why choosing cruelty-free products matters and how to support animal rescue missions and farm sanctuaries.”

Little Animals, Mean World

If you would like to add this amazing Litte Animals, Mean World book series (or individual books) to your collection, please head to the KindRoar website and use code “KindLiving20” for 20% off your order. I just know you will love these books as much as we have and cherish them for many many years to come. Xoxo- Danielle

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Little Animals Mean World
Little Animals Mean World

Little Animals Mean World