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Sustainable and Organic Children’s Clothing by Petit Tembo

Our children’s clothes are 90% second-hand goods passed down from generation to generation, but we do enjoy finding new companies to work with to promote sustainable children’s clothing via organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and even upcycling of materials.

I am honored to feature Petit Tembo, the gorgeous Canadian brand, in today’s sustainable children’s fashion feature. I cannot speak highly enough of this company and the softness of their fabrics. The boys have hit their #30wears within just a couple of short months!

I am a big believer in the words of Ms. Westwood…

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

// Vivienne Westwood //



Sustainable and Organic Children's Clothing by Petit Tembo


When you consciously and mindfully choose products from standup companies like Petit Tembo, you will know firsthand what it means to choose quality over quantity in the clothing of your children.


Petit Tembo: Sustainable and Organic Children’s Clothing Made For Little Change-makers

Alessandro and Leonardo have been wearing their pullovers every single night in the cool fall weather. I am so unbelievably impressed at the quality of the pullovers; they are the softest sweatshirts that we own! They are also thick, durable and soft enough to wear to sleep….what else could we want in a sweatshirt?

As for the t-shirts, they are super light and great for exploring. I went with the heather grey color for both t-shirts to avoid any possible staining from the increased messes that the boys have been finding themselves in. Also, these t-shirts are very soft and wash like a dream! Great for spot cleaning as well.

Petit Tembo: 100% organic cotton + sustainable + ethically made.

This company and line are created by Ivana and Carla who are two friends who found inspiration by their own children to become compassionate global citizens. This organic and ethical company serves as a platform to bring greater awareness of our interdependence with the natural world and to foster the understanding that ALL living beings have value.

Therefore, Petit Tembo is a very transparent, honest, ethical and sustainable company that strives for the best. They make all their product with 100% organic cotton. From the dyes to the packaging; this company is one of mindful and conscious decisions.

The Cotton

Petit Tembo has done an amazing job with the eco-friendly portion of their production via 100% organic cotton, low impact dyes and a conscious closed-loop system to recycle the water from the production process. As for ingenuity, Bleaching is done with hydrogen peroxide which has been derived from apples!


Designed and made locally in Vancouver, Canada. The owners have a very close relationship, based on mutual respect, with the folks who make their clothes. As a result, consumers can trust that fair trade standards have been met.
Petit Tembo does encourage everyone to ask #WhoMadeMyClothes and we are all for that!
Sustainable Shopping for Children's Clothes


We are so honored to have the Petit Tembo Pullovers and T-shirts grace our children’s closet. I am so thankful to have come across this brand through deep research into sustainable children’s clothing. We are so excited to share them with our community today.

**Petit Tembo was kind enough to gift our sons these gorgeous pullovers and t-shirts to promote sustainable and organic children’s clothing. 


Petit Tembo

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