Sustainable and Ethical Jewelery

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Sustainable and Ethical Jewelery Always Make the Perfect Gift

While Jewelery is gorgeous, fun, and a sure fire way to make someone swoon….the jewelery industry is quite scary. 

Whether we are talking about the horrible environmental impacts of mining or the horrendous working conditions, one thing is clear: We need to wake up and become MUCH more conscious of who we are supporting with our hard earned money. By giving money to the companies who do not care, we are funding their horrendous acts.

But there’s good news! Sustainable, ethical and fair trade jewelery companies DO exist and I am delighted to share them with you all today! These are the very same jewelery companies that I support and the very same ones that adorn my body. Each one has been tried and tested and I love them all very dearly.



Sustainable and Ethical Jewelery


1. 31 Bits


31 bits


I own two gorgeous earrings from 31bits, these gorgeous earrings and necklaces.

The prices are very reasonable, the packaging was wonderful and they even offer a brand new sustainable jewelery capsule subscription that might just knock your socks off (or make a gorgeous gift). So, What’s their story??

31 Bits began with a simple idea: To give artisans dignified job opportunities by making products that women would buy. The women behind 31 bits are pretty incredible. They took such a simple idea and turned it into a HUGE platform that supports workers via fair trade practices, ethical working conditions, fair wages, an amazing community impact, mentorship, holistic care and so so much more. I am honoured to share this company with you all today.




Sustainable and Ethical Jewelery


My Own Personal Collection of Sustainable & Ethical Jewelery From all of the brands listed!



2. A Million Elephants


Sustainable and Ethical Jewelery


Fair-trade and Handmade in Laos, this company has completely stolen my heart. If you have been around me since the day I opened the environmentally friendly package from A Million Elephants, that you know that I have never taken this necklace off! It is stunning.

What’s their Story? 

The folks behind A Million Elephants are on a mission to create opportunities for Lao artisans to earn supplementary income while at the same time contribute to the growing cultural awareness of Laos. Their belief is simple. Trade should have a conscience and artisans should receive fair value for their work. Maximizing profits at the expense of other people and our planet is not their philosophy.

This necklace that I am wearing is called the Feather Necklace and it is made up of old war scraps. If you do not know the sad history behind Laos, I’ll just leave this fact behind for you: Laos is the MOST bombed country in the entire World. This company is cleaning up this country in such a beautiful way.


3. Maaris


Sustainable and Ethical Jewelery


Handmade, slow fashion, and the perfect gift for any hoop lover. I have adorned these crocheted hoop earrings so many times and they are just perfect. Another added bonus? They are a mere 10 euros and would make such a beautiful, sustainable and ethical gift for any friend.

“Maaris comes from the desire for a mindful, simpler and more minimalist life.

The art of simplification and deceleration of everyday is enjoyed with pleasure.”

All of the products from Maaris are handmade in Porto with love and care by their amazingly talented seamstresses. All of the clothes are made to order and I am so inspired by how this company has truly succeeded in the slow fashion movement. I recently did an interview with them here, check it out!


4. La Luna Rose


la luna rose



On my chest, right next to my feather necklace from A Million Elephants, is the stunning Suzanne “Protection” pendant from La Luna Rose. I cannot tell you how much I love this pendant. Here’s the story behind the pendants from La Luna Rose: The pendants are a collection inspired by women from around the world. This latest collection, “Still I Rise”, is an ode to the determination, strength and courage of females both past and present.

I chose the Suzanne after reading the story behind it. The Suzanne has been designed to establish a sense of protection through your journey of life as a woman. On one side is the triple moon phase to represent the three phases of motherhood: Maiden, Mother and Crone. The first crescent, the waxing moon, symbolises new life, new beginnings and rejuvenation. The middle represents the full moon when the magic happens. The third represents the waning moon, a time which is best to send things away, remove them from your life or finish projects.

On the opposite side is the protective eye pendant, which is an offering of an evil eye. This icon is said to reflect OFF all evil influences that may come your way along your journey when you wear this. You can choose to wear the eye to your heart to protect from the inside or wear it facing out to protect from external sources.I have loved wearing the Suzanne since the day my pendant arrived.

As for the story behind La Luna Rose…

 they are extremely transparent, sustainable and ethical. La Luna Rose exists in response to the war against fast fashion and mass-produced fashion. The designer, Rosie, wanted to create a brand that had “connection and transparency from the artisans who made the product to our customers, suppliers, designers and everything and one in between.” The folks behind La Luna rose want you to know WHO is making your pieces for you, their working conditions, how the pieces are made and where the materials come from.


5. Bon Hope


Bon Hope


Bon Hope was the very first company to introduce us to what sustainable and ethical jewelery is. We are honoured to feature them here today! I have 4 pieces by this company, the ONE EARTH in the necklace and bracelet and the ONE OCEAN in the necklace and bracelet. You will see me wearing all 4 pieces pretty much all of the time. The jewelery is so delicate, light and perfect for daily wear. Not to mention, the impact that they make when you wear them.

The story behind Bon Hope is one that resonates with me. Two parents….looking out into the ocean with a newborn at their side….and deciding they were going to do ANYTHING to save their child’s future.

“It was 2016. We stood on a beach in Bali, our son in his stroller beside us. But we found surrounded by piles of trash, washed ashore from the Indian Ocean. We were devastated. We realized we could no longer for what the fast fashion industry represents. Finally, we decided that we wanted to continue using our creativity and design skills – it is what we love to do! – but at the same time contribute to a change.”


6. Tuli Style (An Extra Bonus!)


Sustainable and Ethical Jewelery


Our last sustainable and ethical jewelery brand in this series is the ever slow, ethical and conscious Tuli. Tuli was born out of the need to fight against poverty in East Africa. The folks behind Tuli fight poverty by creating lifetime sustainable jobs in East Africa. Every product is handmade by their amazingly talented artisans and provides them a stable, living wage. If you didn’t catch it early, they hire their artisans for life. These folks are out of poverty for good…not just for now.

“Through their work with Tuli, our artisans are able to feed their families, educate their children, and rise out of poverty. We’ve had artisans send their children to university, start their own businesses, buy land, and invest in their futures. Whether our artisans eventually leave to pursue new opportunities their economic and educational empowerment opened or whether they keep their jobs with us long-term, we focus on impacting their lives with every business decision we make. It amazes us that something as simple as jewelry can create such enormous change in East Africa, not just for our artisans, but for generations to come!”

Such an amazing story from this gorgeous company. I have the above blue drop earrings called Sela as well as the gorgeous gold drop earrings named Lola.


Sustainable and Ethical Jewelery

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