Natural Dish Scrubber



Pack 2 Vegetable Sponge for Kitchen |100% Loofah Plant | Cellulose Scouring Pad | Biodegradable Compostable Dishwashing | Zero Waste Product | Luffa Loofa Loufa Lufa


? 100% Eco-Friendly: These kitchen scrubbies are loufa veggies, plant-based fibers come with brown paper packaging make them breathable, sustainable, replace all kinds of scrub made from plastic. Toss into compost pile when they’re worn out.
? Clean & Long Lasting: The persistent part of the oldest loofah is selected then sewed 4 layers together to make the Loofah dishwasher sponge thick and close enough so that food DO NOT get stuck in it after washing and durable for a year.
? Smart & Handy Design: Water shape design so it can be used on all types of nonstick cookware, pot, pan, glass, dish and fit into a small cup. Besides, it has a little loop on the top to hang it dry quickly which means less bacterial growth.
✨ New Experience: Natural loofah is soft in water but hard enough to get the tough stuff done. The more you use it the more it becomes soft – No odor – No sticky oil – Non scratch abrasive- Dry fastly.
? Practical: Foam well and consumes less liquid /soap make you feel safer to your dishes. Great idea ecotools kitchen for Zero Waster or someone who is looking to go a little more “Green”.

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