Sustainable Goods Spotlight: Gallant International Inc.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

// Robert Swan //

Hey Mamas and welcome back to the blog!

Today I want to chat about a company that has really impressed me in so many ways. Their honesty, ethics, hard work, and thoughtful selections are so inspiring. As a result of their high standards, I have decided to partner up with them and review a few of their products to share with our amazing community. Wholesale companies like Gallant International are perfect for business start-ups, family reunions, wedding parties, giveaways and more. All in all, the options are endless!

Sustainable Goods Spotlight: Gallant International Inc.

Sustainable Wholesale Goods with Gallant International Inc.

Gallant International was created in 2009 with a passion for helping others and caring for the environment. Their standards, transparency, and selections are beyond amazing.

This company is a wholesale supplier that will help any business to grow and excel. Most importantly, Gallant will ensure that the sustainable and ethical standards are held throughout production.

Gallant offers organic cotton tote bags, organic cotton aprons, organic cotton t-shirts, and organic cotton accessories. If you are ever in need of wholesale items for business or pleasure, this is your new contact. I have had such a wonderful time reviewing their products and I cannot recommend them enough.

I promise you, this company is the one to compare all other companies to; they are a huge inspiration to me. Thank you so much for crushing all of the sustainable and ethical goals!


Fair Trade Certified Factory

Gallant International Sustainable Goods Spotlight


It isn’t enough just looking for the quality in the products we buy, we must ensure that there is quality in the lives of the people who make them.

// Orsola De Castro //

We have talked a lot about fair trade on the blog and this company does not fall short. Gallant International has one of the highest standards that I have yet to see when it comes to ensuring their workers are well taken care of. Furthermore, Gallant International stands behind their workers and inspires others to do the same.

How do they hold such standards??

First off, Every wholesale piece purchased from Gallant International is created in a certified fair trade factory where children are absolutely not allowed to work, fair wages are paid, and the safety and health of the workers are of utmost importance.

Secondly, Gallant International boasts three fantastic fair trade certifications:

Fair Trade USA: Which ensures that farmers and workers are paid a fair price for their labor.

Fairtrade Certification: Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade based on a partnership between producers and traders, businesses and consumers.

Fairtrade Labeling Organization (FLO) Certification: FLO-CERT is responsible for the inspection and certification of producers and suppliers that incorporate Fairtrade Certification into their organization.

Lastly, a big part of fair trade working conditions are the chemicals and toxins that the workers come into contact with. By using 100% organic cotton, the workers and the environment are much safer.

**Gallant International also pledges to provide 100,000 meals to children and families in need in the United States through Feeding America.


GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Sustainable Goods Spotlight: Gallant International Inc.


Organic Cotton vs Non-organic cotton is like night and day in today’s world. It’s a pity what has happened to the cotton industry in just a few short decades. What was once a trusted fiber is now polluted with so many toxic chemicals that, as a result, we try our best as a family to never use or support.

One of the main benefits of organic cotton is that it is not treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or GMOs. These toxins are harmful to farmers and workers, consumers, and entire eco-systems. No toxic chemicals are used in the growing of organic cotton and, as a result, it doesn’t damage the soil, has less impact on the air, and uses 71% less water and 62% less energy.

Reducing our water waste and energy consumption is absolutely crucial in today’s World.

How is Organic Cotton Different?

First off, organic cotton is 80% rain-fed, which aids in reducing pressure on local water sources. Secondly, the absence of chemicals ensures that the water used is cleaner and safer. In short, investing in organic is investing in water conservation, cleaner air, better soil and more.

Gallant is also GOTS certified which is a voluntary global standard for the entire process such as spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing, and manufacturing of apparel and home textiles made with organic fiber. The standard prohibits the use of toxic chemicals during the processing stages and includes strong labor provisions as well as a prohibition on child labor.

“In 2015, approximately 28.5 million tons of cotton was produced globally, the majority of it for the apparel industry. Organic cotton makes up less than 1% of this. Harness your purchasing power and create waves in the organic cotton industry.”

In conclusion, we need to be much more conscious in our consumerism and choose the best for the workers and their families, ourselves and our own family and the environment.

Sustainable Goods Spotlight: Gallant International Inc.

100% Customizable

Whatever you can dream up, this company can make it happen for your business. I have to tell you, I am so motivated to start some kind of a clothing line or even tote line to help support our animal friends in sanctuaries all over the World after researching and reviewing this company.

**Gallant’s products are proudly reusable, biodegradable, and recyclable.

Furthermore, they offer tote bags, produce bags, shopping bags, muslin bags, cosmetic bags, aprons, wine bags, t-shirts, shorts, pants, etc. The amount of products that they offer is just fantastic. It’s a one-stop-shop for any business looking to build a sustainable and ethical line.

**Gallant International uses low impact water-based GOTS certified inks to print their products.

Click here to start!


**Gallant International Inc. sent us three cosmetic bags to review for this post and they all exceeded my expectations. First off, the large white bag is very spacious and fantastic for any hygienic purposes whatsoever. Martin has already snagged this bag for himself and I do not blame him! Secondly, the red is very thick and durable. I am using this as my cycling storage bag for keys/essentials and it has worked beautifully! Lastly, the green (my favorite color) is the smallest one from the reviewed items and it is perfect as a makeshift wallet, coin purse, essential oils carrier and more. I am currently using it to store all of our house cleaning oils!

**Full disclosure: Gallant International sponsored this blog post. Of course, all the writing, opinions and full review are straight from my own fingers and heart! I have a huge responsibility to my followers to only support and recommend the best brands and companies out there. Most importantly, I would never promote a brand or company that I do not use myself.**


Sustainable Goods Spotlight: Gallant International Inc.
  1. I think it is pretty cool to ensures that farmers and workers are paid a fair price for their labor. This is very important when I choose my products.

  2. I love this blog! Gallant International sounds really amazing. Not only selling wonderful products but also nature friendly. I will definitely recommend this.

  3. It’s so important to realize that we need to be involved in helping our planet. Making sure that farmers and workers are paid a reasonable amount for their work is essential.

  4. The brand seems to be awesome and it is fair trade certified!!! Amazing!!! I will for sure give it a try.

  5. This is such a great roundup. I really have been trying to advocate to get more sustainable goods. It’s so important to our world’s health.

  6. Thank you for promoting sustainable goods! These are adorable and I love that they are ethically made. We all need to be a lot more conscious about our consumer decisions!

  7. Gallant International sounds like a wonderful company. I prefer to buy from companies that are ethical. I wish more companies took this initiative.

  8. I love how everything now is going organic. Glad that almost everything now has an eye for our nature in creating these products.

  9. I completely agree, we have to make it happen ourselves and every little counts. With my project Verified Fearless we give back to Plastics for Change.

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