Pakt Travel Backpack
Pakt Travel Backpack: Full Review From A Parent

A Mama’s Review of the Pakt Travel Backpack

*Honestly – I don’t know how I lived without it up until now.

Hey Folks, welcome back to the blog! Today I am excited to share my thoughts on the new Pakt Travel Backpack. What’s so great about my input on this minimalistic and hip backpack? Well…there’s no better way to start then by sharing a jolly good story of 24 hours of plane and car travel with my identical twin toddlers. Let the fun begin…

A couple of months back I decided it would be a fun idea (kidding – absolutely necessary idea) to travel 24 hours with my children in order to see grandma and grandpa. It had been too long. Just too long. My heartbreak and desperation for my family had me booking the tickets on Monday to fly out that Thursday.

I was all in.

My children are both 3 years old. That’s right. I’m a crazy person. I traveled alone with 3 year old identical twin boys who have been deemed “wild” and “full of explosive energy” by everyone who meets them. But I wasn’t worried about that – no amount of stubbornness and high pitch screeching was going to stop me from seeing my family back home.

Pakt Travel Backpack

So we went. I decided to pack as light as physically possible. My children both carried their little kid backpacks filled to the brim  with snacks, a few toys, and more snacks (Kids love snacks). I decided to use my original Pakt Duffel Bag (I wrote a blog post on this duffel here). Now listen…I have used this duffel bag for a ton of travelling but never alone on an airplane with two kids. Up until this flight, this duffel bag kicked butt and I have raved about it non-stop. I still love her – but not as much as the Pakt Travel Backpack. I just want to state this right up front.

3 hours of driving, a 2 hour flight and a 1 hour transfer happened. Security was higher than ever and it took us extra time to make it through the checks. My children were doing their best but they were tired. My stroller was denied for admittance on the flight and it was just me, a huge duffel, and two crying/sleepy children.

I was drenched in sweat.

Our gate changed last minute. We had to run. My duffel was literally kicking my butt (thrashing against my body) as I attempted to make it to the gate with two little boys (weeping and begging for me to stop) at each side. The duffel must have hit one of my children in the head because all of a sudden I heard a thump and when I turned, Little Leo was on the floor crying. Goodness Me. The duffel may have not been the best choice.

Somehow we made it. I was crying. The kids were crying. But we made it.

We all slept the entire flight to Chicago. And that is my travel story of life without the Pakt Travel Backpack. (P.s. I thought long and hard about this during my trip and a regular suitcase would have been no help either. At least with the duffel, I was able to hold both of my children’s hands.)

Now let’s jump forward 2 weeks to our departure with the Pakt Travel Backpack, shall we?


Pakt Travel Backpack

Our Pakt Travel Backpack was delivered to my parents house in Chicago because I knew we would be in the area. As soon as I opened this package, I had flashbacks to my initial airport disaster and imagined how much easier it all would have been if I had this backpack the entire time. And I was not wrong in these fantasies.

The Backpack was essentially equal to the Pakt duffel bag with the ease of a comfortable hiking backpack. I seamlessly transferred all of our duffel items into the backpack and even had extra room to squeeze in a few things I picked up while in the city. For most of my Chicago trip, I had this backpack with me. When travelling with children, even just from family gathering to family gathering, I find it crucial to have extra clothes/undies/hankerchiefs on hand. Carrying this backpack made this a breeze.

When it was time to head back to Italy, I had us packed in under 30 minutes and we were off. The airport was a dream. All three of us had our backpacks and we held hands the entire time. I was able to pull out my laptop and liquid items with a quick swipe of a zipper and had no need to rummage through the pack at all for the entire trip. The extra zippers for easy access truly make this one-of-a-kind.

The waist clip that most hiking backpacks come with is probably one of my most favorite features of this backpack. It is removable and turns into a large and extra roomy fanny pack. I was able to place all of our passports inside (which is 6 in all), our cash, cellphone, keys, and a few lollipops as well.

This backpack may have been made for the super cool hipster minimalists out there, but they somehow also managed to make the perfect backpack for parents. I cannot recommend this backpack enough.


Pakt Travel Backpack


Main reasons why I love and recommend this backpack:

  1. I was able to place 2 weeks worth of clothes for myself and my children in this thing. Including our water bottle, my camera, hygiene bag, and snacks. This here is enough to make me jump for joy.
  2. During security checks, I was able to simply unzip and slide out my laptop (in a very cushioned and secure laptop sleeve) for checks. My hygiene products were in the waterproof & leakproof compartment at the front top section. This took me a mere 10 seconds maximum – which was very helpful because my children were in the midst of a battle of tears.
  3. The waist clips remove to turn into an extra large fanny pack that has now become my everyday “purse’. I love this thing. I was able to carry our passports, money, keys, snacks, and more in this bag during travel. It was wonderful.
  4. This is the first backpack, in history, that has not hurt my back. I am a military veteran and have daily back pain from daily flights with heavy weighted vests. I have hiked, flown across the world, and even cycled with this bag. It has yet to cause me even an inkling of pain. The various adjustments are crucial.
  5. The package came delivered in very eco-friendly (non-plastic) packaging that I was able to compost that same day.

Extra Bonus:

This backpack has a lifetime guarantee. Enough said.


Pakt Travel Backpack
Well, I believe I have said all that is needed to say about this wonderful backpack. It has been truly an honour to work with this amazing company and experience first hand how top notch their products are. 

Martin and I decided to jump at the chance to join this company’s affiliate program after falling madly in love with their gear. If you would like to receive a discount and support our website, simply use the code:

VeganWonderMamas10 at checkout!


Sending lots of love and light your way.

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Pakt Travel Backpack
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Pit Liquor Non-Toxic Deodorant
Pit Liquor Non-Toxic Deodorant Made from Whiskey!

Pit Liquor Non-Toxic Deodorant Made from…Whiskey and Vodka??

Welcome back to the blog! Today we are super excited to feature my new favorite non-toxic deodorant company, Pit Liquor by Distilled Bath and Body. I was sent a full set of these amazing alcohol-based deodorant’s and I cannot get over how amazing they work to kill odor, keep me fresh, and do so without any harmful chemicals whatsoever.

If you follow our family on Instagram, you will know that I have been looking for my forever deodorant for quite some time. I tried homemade deodorant, I tried coconut oil-based deodorant, I tried the most expensive all-natural brands of deodorant, I tried the deodorant balms, the deodorant sprays, and even the lime juice trick. None of them…not a single one…worked as well as the non-toxic deodorant by pit liquor. As a veteran sailor, I should have known that whiskey and vodka were going to be a part of my forever pit routine haha.

Pit Liquor Non-Toxic Deodorant

*Discount Code for 15% off: WonderMamas15

Before we jump into the who, what, where, when, and how of the Pit Liquor Non-Toxic Deodorant company, let’s get one thing clear. This one thing is….this company kicks butt. Don’t believe me? Check out their risk-free guarantee that comes with purchasing from them:

Our risk-free guarantee on your first bottle puts your mind at ease. Don’t love Pit Liquor? Email us and we’ll work out a return with you. We refuse to be like those other natural deodorant companies that tell you it’s your fault you haven’t detoxed enough or some other load of BO. We’ll want to know how we can improve in the future because we believe all feedback is good feedback. Learn more about our guarantee here.

Haha. Welp, if that didn’t make you giggle a bit then I am not so sure we can be friends anymore. Just kidding. You may just need a good rub of whiskey or rum on your pits to lighten up :).


Meet the Makers of Pit Liquor

Jason and Erica

Saddle up your unicorn and join us for a magical armpit journey!

Pit Liquor Creators Erica and Jason

Erica and Jason are the founders of Pit Liquor and the entire Distilled Bath and Body company (pretty amazing in and of itself!). They are loving parents to a little gal named Eve and some very cool cats named Tolkien and Hobbes (pretty sure we just became best friends by the cat names alone). I could go on and on about how cool these two are but let’s jump into the Pit Liquor goodness; How the he-haw-sally did they get into the armpit business??

As like most of us, Erica and Jason were sick and tired of nasty chemicals sneaking their way into their home. They decided to fix the issue themselves and create a truly non-toxic deodorant that not only works but works well.

Here is the very cool Pit Liquor Invention story straight from them:

The story of Pit Liquor began at a most unusual time: During my pregnancy with Eve. Jason was concerned about the carcinogens in our deodorants and we’d been trying various natural alternatives, but none of them worked. One day, he begged me to stop using toxic deodorant for the baby. So I slapped hand sanitizer on my armpits and headed out the door issuing Jason a challenge to find something that actually worked. When I got home, I didn’t stink. Always the inventor, Jason thought plain old hand sanitizer was a boring (and not entirely non-toxic) solution to the underarm stench, but the hand sanitizer illuminated a new idea: high-proof, drinkable alcohol is less toxic than anything unregulated and potentially made from inedible ingredients. So, obviously, we turned to whiskey to solve our quandary. 


Pit Liquor All-Natural and Non-Toxic Ingredients

The majority of you are here for this huge chunk of information, so let’s just go ahead and start with this:

What is in the Pit Liquor Deodorant??
  • Organic Vodka and Whiskey: Overproof liquor which is amazing at killing unwanted microbes.
  • Organic Arrowroot: You will notice this at the bottom of your bottle – so be sure to shake before use. The arrowroot helps to keep the armpits a bit more dry and, above all, it’s anti-microbial! Bacteria is scared of this stuff.
  • Himalayan Salt: Don’t even think about drinking this stuff because it will taste like salt – yuck! The salt is meant to keep the bottle for armpit use only and also aids in dryness.
  • Organic Tea Extracts: Purchased from Happy Lucky’s Tea House and The Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary in Fort Collins, CO. For the list of tea extracts, click here!
  • Organic Scent Components: Amazing vanilla beans, lavender flowers, and black peppercorns and cloves are used to give the deodorant a fragrance.
  • Essential Oils
  • Organic Extracts of lavender and vanilla from local spice shops in the area.

Plus, you can feel so good knowing that all of the Pit Liquor selection of deodorants are vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free, gluten-free, aluminum-free, paraben-free, mining-free, baking-soda-free, pesticide-free, triglyceride-free, and above all, stink-free (which is just spectacular). The products are also fair trade!


Sustainable Production of Pit Liquor Deodorant

The folks behind Pit Liquor put a lot of conscious effort into their sustainable practices. When I received my own package of Pit Liquor, I was extremely satisfied with the packaging (all recyclable), the bottles (beautiful glass bottles), and of course the nature of the deodorant itself.

While the bottles can be easily recycled, Pit Liquor would actually like you to return the bottles to them so that they can give you a sweet discount for your next purchase and so that the bottles can have a second life!

Here’s how to Recycle the Used Bottles:
  1. Wait until you have 5 empty bottles.
  2. Give them a quick rinse.
  3. Send them back to Distilled Bath and Body (you will pay the shipping) and get a sweet discount code for your next purchase! Don’t forget to subscribe to the awards program as well!
The Refill Program

Not a fan of shipping back and forth? Looking to reduce your carbon footprint even more? That’s who this program is for! The refill program allows you to buy in bulk and refill at home for up to a year! Genius.


Pit Liquor Coconut Lime with Rum

I decided to pick three deodorants to talk more about in detail, starting with this epic “Summer in a Bottle” coconut rum one. I swear….as soon as I smelled this bottle it was like I was transported back to my summer holidays, pre-kids of course haha. The smell is so amazing.

One extra perk of the pit liquor deodorant ingredient list is that they will not cause any rashes that can sometimes occur with natural deodorants. This is absolutely a rash free deodorant, and my armpits are extremely happy!

Available in:

  • 3.4 oz, lasts 4-6 months
  • 50 ml, lasts 2-3 months
  • 30 ml, lasts 3-4 weeks
  • reFILL, lasts at least a year

pit liquor rash free deodorant

*Discount Code for 15% off: WonderMamas15


Pit Liquor Whiskey Lavender


The Pit Liquor Whiskey Lavender has become my daily go-to bottle. I love applying this in the morning before my yoga session and then getting a whiff when I am in a sweaty downward dog haha – Gosh, I have never spoken so freely about my armpits before and I am loving this blog post lol.

When applied, the whiskey and lavender mesh together so beautifully. Once applied, the alcohol kills the bacteria and I am left with this dry powdery lavender smell. It’s magnificent. I highly recommend trying this one first if you want to take the plunge.

Pit Liquor Rash Free Deodorant

*Discount Code for 15% off: WonderMamas15

Pit Liquor Whiskey Triple Shot Set


While I love the roll-on, Martin is obsessed with these spray bottles. I am honestly thinking that each one of these can last for like…4 months or more? The website says that you only need to apply every 24-48 hours and Martin is applying around 36-48 hours. He smells amazing! I love him in the whiskey black pepper…super sexy smell on his skin.

Each one of these bottles in 100ml! Snag 3 of them for a bit of a discount.

FYI: The website states that each bottle should last 3-4 months. Woohoo!

*Discount Code for 15% off: WonderMamas15


I think I am going to finish this post off with a quote from my beloved, Martin. Eh hem…

“Baby, this (pronounced “dis” in his German accent) is the BEST deodorant. I did not smell you once in the car today after yoga – it is a miracle!”

Hahahaha. Oh, my life. 


Big Thanks to Pit Liquor!

The folks behind Pit Liquor were kind enough to gift our family a HUGE box of all the goodies from the deodorant selection. We will be set for well over a year and I can promise you all, we will 100% be purchasing another huge box after these are finished (in the recycle program, of course). I am hooked. I have finally found my and Martin’s forever pit spray! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please just leave them in the comment section or message me directly. As always, thanks for stopping by!


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Pit Liquor Non-Toxic Deodorant
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Nordgreen Watches
Nordgreen Watches of Copenhagen: Sustainable, Ethical and Timeless

Nordgreen Watches of Copenhagen: Sustainable, Ethical and Timeless

Welcome back to the blog! Today we are super excited to feature Nordgreen Watches, a beautiful, timeless, and sustainable wristwatch company that has created gorgeous watches for both men and women alike.

As many of you know, we only work with companies when we are in need of a sustainable/ethical item because we are minimalists to the core and refuse to take on what we do not actually need. Doing this would defeat the entire purpose of what our website is all about!

Martin has been looking for an ethical and sustainable watch for quite some time now. We have browsed a few of the sustainable shops around our town but he just could not decide. He wanted a men’s watch that was rugged, classic, minimalist, and very durable.

Nordgreen Watches

*Discount Code for 15% off: VMAMAS15


When the folks behind Nordgreen Watches reached out to me, I immediately checked out their standards, practices, transparency, and background. I was so impressed! I called up Martin and later that night we looked through the website together to see if anything would actually work for his capsule wardrobe (check out our full blog post on building your own capsule wardrobe here!).

As soon as Martin laid eyes on the Nordgreen Pioneer watch, he got so excited! We flipped through the options and were so happy when vegan watch options were not just there, but there were MANY options. Usually, if a company offers vegan strap options, the options are far and few between. Martin was able to check out the vegan leather bands of different colors, rubber bands, and a variety of mesh bands. We both fell in love with the Nordgreen rubber watch band and now Martin is the proud owner of this gorgeous beauty!

Nordgreen has captured Danish design principles in three distinctive models, each under $250

*Discount Code for 15% off: VMAMAS15

The Story and Sustainability Practices Behind Nordgreen Watches

Pascar and Vasilij

Two life-long Danish friends who share a passion for watches. Their dream and mission are to deliver true Scandinavian design and lifestyle to everyone.

“As watch-lovers, we believe all watches should have the highest quality and best design.

As Danes, we believe in companies that are honest, sustainable, and that put others first.

As consumers, we couldn’t find any affordable watch company that embodied all of these things.

So we created it.”

Nordgreen watches

This gorgeous rose gold Nordgreen pioneer women’s watch with the mesh strap is one of the top sellers for women watches by Nordgreen. This danish watch has such a beautiful take on minimalism. 


Chief Designer of Nordgreen Watches

The Chief Designer behind these amazing watches is none other than Jakob Wagner, one of Scandinavia’s most heavily awarded designers. Jakob has the ability to bridge the gap between great aesthetics and functional products that each and every person can incorporate into their lives. An art that many designers struggle with, separating the good from the great.

Highlights of Nordgreen

Sustainable Practices

Nordgreen works with a premium quality production partner, a fully integrated watch producer headquartered in Hong Kong with a factory in Shenzen. The production partner is Danish-owned, securing European work ethics and standards.

Valuing the Workers

While working with high-quality sub-suppliers, including Japanese and Swiss mechanism producers, their partner offers a various spectrum of employment benefits, such as free education and language courses for further training and development and free insurance for the workers and their families.

Strong Work Ethics

In order for the folks behind Nordgreento to guarantee the best quality, not only for the Nordgren timepieces but for the supply chain, working conditions, and quality control, the founders visit the production partner on a regular basis. To avoid extensive logistics and unnecessary transportation, all non-European orders are fulfilled directly from the warehouse in Asia and all European orders from the distribution center in Denmark.

Giving Back Program

For each watch sold, Nordgreen empowers its customers to give back to one of three causes. The unique serial number provided on the back of each watch allows them to track the impact that your donation has made. Access to clean water, a clean environment, and a full education should be a right for all, and it is important to the folks behind Nordgreen that their watches inspire a connection, not just between watch and owner, but amongst everyone.


“To do things the Danish way means to do things with pride and purpose – we don’t settle for anything less.”


Both the Men’s Watches and Women’s Watches of Nordgreen are high-quality, sustainable and beautifully crafted. Customers are able to choose between a silver, gunmetal, or rose gold case, which can then be customized even further with Nordgreen’s interchangeable straps that come in a multitude of colors. The Philosopher is available in 36mm and 40mm sizes.

Big Thanks to Nordgreen Watches!

Nordgreen Watches


The folks behind Nordgreen watches were kind enough to gift Martin this beautiful men’s wristwatch. While this is so, every single word of this blog post came straight from us and we truly believe in this sustainable and high-quality brand. I am so excited for Martin to have found his capsule wardrobe watch! Don’t forget to use the code: VMAMAS15 for 15% off your Nordgreen Watch. Thanks for joining us for this review of Nordgreen watches!


Nordgreen Watches
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sustainable gifts for dad
Sustainable Gifts For Dad!

Sustainable (& Ethical) Gifts For Dad!

Hey, Mamas! Today I wanted to share with you my personal shopping cart for Sustainable Gifts For Dad! Whether it’s your own father, a father figure, husband, boyfriend, teacher…these will all be perfect! I decided to make this list to spread some good brand awareness, share some super cool zero waste gift ideas, and highlight the need for more sustainable father gifting options.

I was really shocked by how little options our male counterparts had in the sustainable world, but at the same time, I only found amazing quality and superb options. The pickings may be slim, but sometimes that’s exactly what we need. Fewer distractions, less “options” and just simple and great quality goods. Let’s dive into this Sustainable Gifts For Dad list!


Sustainable Gifts for dad

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sustainable gifts for dad
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