camping adventure with children

Our family just got home from a wonderful camping trip and I was able to film lots and lots for you all!

All of our prior arrangements were thrown out the window when the rain rolled in and stayed North (exactly where we were headed!) so we had to adapt and head South instead. We ended up staying at Lago di Garda and had such a magical time with the rock covered lake.

Come join us on our camping adventure with children; from washing cloth diapers to sleeping in our van!



p.s. Don’t forget to check out our Must-have vegan camping meals and meal prep to make your camping experience so much easier! We successfully used the shopping list in this blog post to help us on our own camping adventures and our bellies were very happy! There is nothing better than saving all of that hard-earned money we make and creating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with our own two hands. I promise, it is easy and so worth it!


Camping Adventure with Children

Thank you to the following Sustainable and Ethical Companies to help our trip stay as eco-friendly as possible:

The Tote Project: Our large canvas totes and make-up/hygiene bag

PlanetWise Inc: Reusable trash bag and wet diaper bag

BumGenius: Cloth Diapers

Wrappa: Vegan Wax Wraps

Organic Basics: All of our basic tee’s, workout clothes, underwear and toothbrushes

Lüks Linen: Our peshmentals for blankets, towels, sarongs, scarves and toga use

Bhumi Organic: Sheets, Towels, and Bralette

Lincolore: My linen clothing

MyMarini: Blue and White Swimsuit

Underprotection: Black Swimsuit & Tan Bodysuit

Veja Shoes: Martin’s Shoes

Bhava Studio: Cork Sandals

InTheSoulshine: ‘There is no Planet B’ T-shirt

TrioTrendyThreads: Adventure Kids T-shirts

Simply Grey Life: The boy’s linen overalls

Serendipity Organics: The boy’s hats

Bon Hope: All of my jewelry

Huge thanks to Martin’s grandmother for providing us with the van mattresses, camping blankets, extra sheets and more!


camping adventure with children

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