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7 Ways Moms Can Save the Earth From Home

My name is Danielle and I am the creator and face behind the WonderMamas movement. I am a mother, a veteran, a world traveler, an animal activist, fashion activist, and advocate for Earth.

I built this website and business 4 months postpartum with my twin sons while living in a foreign country with nothing but a computer and crappy mobile phone in hand. I was scared of the future, I was worried about my family on the other side of the world battling disease after disease with the Standard American Diet, and I just knew that I needed to act. And so, I did!

While breast feeding my children around the clock and changing cloth diapers every 5 minutes (or so it seemed), I was able to get certified through AFPA as a Holistic Nutritionist, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, and Health and Wellness Coach. I have also been a certified personal trainer for over 15 years and decided to use that as a fun addition to our membership programs (there is nothing more fun for me than to whip my client’s butts into shape). 

I turned my passion for Veganism into a thriving business and have never looked back. It has been truly amazing and I am honoured that you are now a part of this wonderful community.

Much love and aloha,

Danielle Alvarado


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